Monday, January 11, 2010

Ackerman's "honest graft" exposed by Daily News

From the Daily News:

Rep. Gary Ackerman hosted a meeting between Israeli officials and a defense contracting firm whose stock he later sold at a big profit, in which he had invested money - and made a big profit, a Daily News probe has found.

The Queens Democrat put no money down when he obtained private stock in the company, Xenonics Inc., relying on $14,000 borrowed in 2002 from the company's top shareholder, a longtime friend.

The sweetheart loan required no collateral and had no written payback date, a potential violation of House ethics rules.

When the company went public, its stock soared. Ackerman says he repaid the loan at 6% interest and sold the stock for more than $100,000 in 2005 and 2006.

House ethics rules bar members of Congress from using Congressional resources to promote commercial enterprises, stating: "The prohibition against use of House resources to support unofficial undertakings clearly applies to support of business endeavors."

The rules also require written repayment plans for any loans Congress members take out. Ackerman confirmed he had no such written plan for the 2002 loan.

In the last few years, Ackerman arranged a meeting in his Washington office between Xenonics founder Alan Magerman and two Israeli officials, Magerman said.

Magerman said he tried to convince the Israelis to buy Xenonics' NightHunter, a high-powered flashlight used by the U.S. military. Magerman said Ackerman was "trying to be very helpful."

"He was nice enough to arrange the meeting," he said. Israel did not buy the product. Magerman said he was unaware Ackerman had invested in his company.

He gave various explanations about the loan from longtime friend Selig Zises, then Xenonics' top shareholder.

Zises said he "can't recall" if he discussed the meeting with Ackerman or Israeli officials.

You have to read this entire thing...they caught Gary fudging documents and everything.


georgetheatheist said...

Whore-monger and now war profiteer. Ragusa & Tabone, stick a fork in him. He's done.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it was the Alan Gross postings on Queens Crap that alerted the reporters to Ackerman's corruption. Maybe now the NY Post will jump in on the whore mongering issue, and Gary will be getting it from both ends.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Queens Crap scoops the NYC media. It proves that this website has more power and influence than most people could have foreseen. Those "exclusive" articles opened up a lot of eyes! Perhaps Gross should speak to an attorney to see if his copyrighted articles were plagiarized?

Anonymous said...

With friends like Ackerman ruining Israel's image, who needs enemies?

Joe said...

You mean with people like Bloomberg & Ackerman who needs enemas !

Izzy Donefore said...

I hope the FEDS will start investigating the connection to Nussbaum's Shanghai Entertainment and the influence peddling of the Claire Shulman's Willets Point lobbying group on Ackerman. A can of worms has been opened. This is starting to go viral. What's next?

a friend of justice said...

Let's go back in time.

Didn't some "Vista Towers" people give a hefty campaign contribution to Gary in the 1990s?

Was it around $6,000 to clear up a sticky mess involving matters there?

The condo building is located on the northwest corner of Roosevelt Ave. & Parson's Blv'd. in Flushing.

That scandal was all over the media in the 90s and Astoria Federal Bank was involved too.

Somebody should grill Alan Gershuny (Manes' boy...then later Ackerman's) if he's still around.

C'mon "Daily News" and others...pick up on this and continue the expose!

This is just the tip of the Ackerman iceberg!

Let's see if Gary's s partners at the "Queens Tribune" are in cahoots.

Michael Nussbaum and Mike Shenckler could use a good scoping!

Anonymous said...

Ragusa &'d better run a decent candidate in opposition of Ackerman.

Otherwise despite the pickle Gary is currently in he'll likely win his seat again.

Yawn...please forget Liz Berney.

You need someone who's fully awake with fire in their belly!

Liman said...

Funny how fate treats you. One year ago, the Democrats were thinking dynasty. Then people started to realize they created a monster. Tonight in Massachusets, Teddy's seat is on the brink of being lost to the GOP. The Democrats could lose control of Congress. And now, for the first time I think Ackerman will actually not be reelected. When we are shoved around enough, we start to use our heads.

Alan Gross said...

"Anonymous said...
I wonder if it was the Alan Gross postings on Queens Crap that alerted the reporters to Ackerman's corruption. Maybe now the NY Post will jump in on the whore mongering issue, and Gary will be getting it from both ends."

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!!! Ackerman's role in the Willets Point land theft and his association with Nussbaum and Tobman regarding Shanghai Entertainment needs to be investigated. I guess my "goofy" research has been "fabricated" enough for the Daily News and other media to enhance the facts set forth here on the Queens Crap blogsite!

Anonymous said...

H-m-m-m...a "Gary Gate" scandal emerges.

This won't pass through like water under the proverbial bridge!

Now the whole country will have its eyes on this sleazy scoundrel!

Better do your job....House Ethics Committee!

D. Truth said...

Better do your job....House Ethics Committee!

Guess who once resigned from the Ethics Committee? A blast from the past:

Did ya see Gary's "explanation" in today's News?

D. Truth said...

Hmmm...the Daily News link got cut off. Under the circumcises, I shall repost the link:

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, you been to Taiwan with Tommy Huang lately? I here you need some cash. Better call Tommy and let him arrange yet another illegal foreign fundraiser for you.

Anonymous said...

"Whore-monger and now war profiteer." BINGO! Get rid of this piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Gary has already milked his Taiwanese connection for cash many years ago.

That's what Kevin Kim & Co. is for....a replacement for Huang.

Welcome the new Korean connection!

Liz Berney, Esq. said...

Let's also urge the House Ethics committee to expand any inquiry it may open to also look at the 240 completely fabricated petition signatures submitted for Ackerman to the New York State Board of Elections during our 2008 race. He has never explained this and the authorities have never investigated. Copies of his fabricated signatures can be viewed on my website at, and the story can be viewed at

Anonymous said...

Batman Tabone and Robin Eggers chauffeured by Butler Alfred Ragusa

Anonymous said...

I'm Alan Gershuny's son, Marc. This is a very interesting blog. My dad, who passed away in September 2012, would have loved how everyone's freedom of speech is reflected in the comments. I can only say that, had the anonymous poster known my dad, they would never have believed that he would have asked for a donation to Ackerman's campaign in order to help a constituent out. It just wasn't his style. He would have much rather been honest and said he couldn't help them than to have ever suggested a pay off of some kind. Those kinds of things were anathema to him and made him detest anyone who would sully politics in this way. To him, public service was an honor and a deep responsibility not to be taken lightly. Was he a perfect man? Far from it. But as far as politics goes, he was the cleanest most fervant ideologue and patriot that ever lived. Just thought the anonymous poster should know the real man. In a dirty game, he was a clean, fair, rule follower of the highest order. All the very best...Marc Gershuny