Monday, January 11, 2010

With some fava beans and a nice chianti?

Holy war at Qns. church

A Queens church has asked for divine judicial intervention -- in the form of a restraining order -- to keep four excommunicated worshipers away from Sunday services.

The action came after Nam Sik Park, one of four black sheep expelled from the flock at the Evergreen Presbyterian Church in Flushing, railed against Rev. Stephen Kim, calling him a "false prophet" and allegedly threatening to "take out the liver of Pastor Kim, chew it up and eat it," court papers charge.

The banished pariahs keep showing up for services -- shouting during sermons, cursing at church elders and complaining to the congregation, the pastor claims.

Former church deacons Jae Kun Lee, Soon "Sunny" Kwang Hong and Hyun Suh Park were excommunicated in October. They had protested the August reinstatement of a former church elder, accused another elder of taking bribes and threatened to take the church to court, according to papers filed in Queens Supreme Court.

Nam Sik Park said he never threatened the pastor that he would "chew" and "eat" his liver.

Park said he was trying to show his devotion to God, by explaining, "If I didn't believe in Jesus Christ, I would 'take out the liver of Pastor Kim, chew it up and eat it.' "


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a job for the exorcist.

Anonymous said...

This would make a great movie.

Babs said...

Your Silence of Lambs reference in the headline for this story made me laugh out loud this morning!!!

Queens Crapper said...

I'm glad somebody got it!

Anonymous said...

WWJD? I dunno, eat the guy's liver? WTF?

georgetheatheist said...

Liver is unhealthy. Too high in cholesterol.

Anonymous said...

Think is about time as a society we got away from neanderthal thinking like 'religion' don't you think???

Ever notice that the more fucked up a place is the more whack-nut god-loving goes on?

See: The rural south, middle east, etc

Anonymous said...

How about the projects? Oh, wait a minute...

Anonymous said...

"Ever notice that the more fucked up a place is the more whack-nut god-loving goes on?"

"See: The rural south, middle east, etc"

If this happened in the Middle East, instead of accusations and lawsuits there would have been beatings, stonings, and suicide bombings. I'll take the words and lawsuits any day.

Anonymous said...

Fred Phelps is the only pastor for me.

ALL other pastors are FALSE PROPHETS, and TRUE profiteers!

Anonymous said...

I thought Koreans eat dog liver.

As Chairman Mao once mentioned, "Religion is poison".

At least in this "church".
The "love" of G-d presides here (LOL).

Babs said...

"Fred Phelps is the only pastor for me."

Where is Hannibal when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kevin Kim should become its pastor (LOL).

Ackerman can be the deacon.

Ooops...Sri's ghost might haunt Gary.

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says.

Too much of anything - liver or religion is not good for your health. Both can make people feel bad.