Monday, January 11, 2010

The freakshow has begun

From the NY Post:

New York City's new comptroller, John Liu, has ordered his staff to rise whenever he enters the room and to address him as "Mr. Comptroller."

The new presidential-like formalities were laid out during a series of meetings last week that had veteran denizens of the Municipal Building snickering behind his back, sources said.

"I am making the adjustment myself. I'm used to calling him J.L.," said his press secretary, Sharon Lee. "This is universal, for people who have known him for years or people who are meeting him for the first time."

Staffers are generally complying with the practice, which Lee said is not a formal policy. Liu, she said, typically tells them to retake their seats and to call him John after the first formal greeting each day.

By contrast, Liu's immediate predecessor, William Thompson, had staff call him "Billy," a former aide said.

When we named him the King of Queens Crap for 2008, apparently we created a monster! That Trib cover story only fanned the flames...


Anonymous said...

Didn't he think this would get out and hit the papers? How humiliating...

It makes him look so terrible.

Anonymous said...

Insiders snicker and call him 'the 13th Apostle.'

For you see, for quite some time now the clubhouse has been putting him everywhere. Check out any major function and you see his smirking face in the background.

Why? Some speculate it has something to do with the vast hords of Asian money that stands on the sidelines ready for its unique magic.

I don't know. Jealous scuttlebut?

But I do know that he will be the next mayor.

Anonymous said...

I don't he'll mayor. His former boyfriends called him peewee

Anonymous said...

"It makes him look so terrible."

He is terrible.

Anonymous said...

The Working Families Party and ACORN put him in the seat.

Blacks were encouraged to vote for Lui because his major credentials are that he is not WHITE.

It looks like ACORN/Working
Fa milies Party screwed Bill Thompson on their lousy campaign.

but really.... Thompson made a backroom deal w/Gloomberg re: the Village Voice article.

Klink Cannoli said...

This is too funny.

Anonymous said...

he originally endorsed H.R.Clinton for president.

one wonders the ratio of his departments racial makeup ? he flaunts "racialism".

if you publicly oppose him ,his cronies will try to diminish your social security benefit. keep your old tax

does he also demand a salute and click of the heels? does he demand a spit shine? does he inspect desks with a white glove?

heavy support from the S.E.I.U. labor is reported that the union only has a 3.6% unemployment rate.the leader, STERN, has had over 15 private meetings with obama,while the U.S. Afghan Commander had a quickie meeting at a European airport. obama was enroute to Norway to receive the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE.
obama then ordered 30,000 U.S. troops to the Afghan area.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll run NYC's finances like the LIC sweatshop he was supposed to have worked in (LOL) as a child.

His parents most likely owned that building...not worked like piece good coolies in it!

The Liu's were a well off family from Taiwan and not the paupers they claimed to be!

Maybe Joe "daddy" Liu will be Johnny boy's closet consultant on how to skim the cream off the top of the city's coffers...having experience in being a convicted bank robber (the Great Eastern Bank job).

Anonymous said...

Wait until John Liu becomes mayor!

You think his head is big now!

Make no mistake about it...with all that laundered money pouring in from the far east...J.L. already said he intends to run for president some day!

"...Happy birthday Mr. President...".

J.L.'s silent "partner" said... must mean the "big head" on his shoulders.

The other one down below can not be found without a 5 power microscope!

Anonymous said...

What a dik................

Anonymous said...

Wow. Bloomie doesn't even do that... until now.

Anonymous said...

lol this doesn't surprise me in the least.. his father was a crook and he's uncle has a big in now.. omg what will the city budgets be now?? he could fund shit right out and no one the wiser..

Anonymous said...

Rise when entering the room? Call him Mr. Comptroller? WTF?

I'm Chinese and I even think this is ridiculous if this is true. Is he trying to bring Monarchy back to life!

Hate it when people suddenly changed their attitudes once they have leverage or power.

Rick Shaw said...

Now Tommy Huang's family can use the front door to city hall instead of the back that their cousin is comptroller!

Greetings "Mr. Comptroller"...son of a bank robber and cousin of a convicted felon!


Is he now going to have his own personal photographer following him around to record any historic moments?

JPB1968 said...

He left such an impression on everyone his parents couldn't even remember whether he worked or played in a sweatshop - now he wants colleagues to stand when he enters a room - I DON'T THIS SO !!

Anonymous said...

This jerk doesn't care what's printed about him and, apparently, neither do NY voters. He was portrayed as a complete liar (remember the sweatshop story) and people still voted for him. Take a good look at your next mayor.

Anonymous said...

People usually stand when the Queen enters a room. Oh, I mean King...or do I?

Anonymous said...

Stand up sharply it's J.L. comin' down the corridor!

Should we salute, bow, or genuflect?

"Here come da come da comptroller"!

Here come da next mayor!

What ever happened to da judge?

bath house buddy said...

Definitely A QUEEN!

That wife and (borrowed kid?) are just Johnny's beard!

Anonymous said...

The next mayor? Really?

How do you figure?