Thursday, January 7, 2010

Work without a permit on landmarked property

From birthday girl Miss Heather:

As some of you might remember last year I wrote about the immaculate demolition of 155 Calyer Street. A landmarked property. Well, I have been advised via comments and email the perpetrators, 155 Calyer LLC, have been served.

Note how the interior demolition is “80% complete”. I wonder what tipped them off?

Perhaps it was this hugeass dumpster out front?

A commenter named Citizen Skein then noted:

The reason they estimate completion is to aid in assessing a civil penalty. When they file to legalize and get the swo lifted they will have to pay 14 times the DOB fees on 80 percent of the work. The remaining 20% is will just be the normal DOB fee of 1% of the estimated cost.

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