Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quinn ran Thompson endorsement by Bloomberg first

From the NY Times:

A few weeks before Election Day, Christine C. Quinn, the speaker of the New York City Council, met with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at a diner in Manhattan.

Ms. Quinn had not yet taken sides in the mayor’s race, snubbing the Democratic nominee, William C. Thompson Jr., infuriating some of her colleagues who viewed her as too cozy with the mayor.

Over coffee, Mr. Bloomberg assured Ms. Quinn that it would be all right with him if she endorsed his rival. “Do what you have to do,” the mayor told her, according to two aides who summarized the conversation.

Soon after, she did, halfheartedly endorsing Mr. Thompson, in a move that quieted critics and paved the way for her re-election as speaker, which occurred as Council meeting on Wednesday.

Ms. Quinn declined to discuss the conversation. But the story encapsulates her complicated relationship with Mr. Bloomberg: even as she was publicly declaring her preference for his rival, she first received the mayor’s blessing.


georgetheatheist said...

Did you see Quinn's recent ad in the Tribune classifieds?

primadonna said...

Speaking of the Tribune...

In the past, I never really noticed those ads I keep reading about here - until yesterday.
~"Sweet Asian Dolls"
~"Amber: Transexual Playdoll WIth Garters & Lace"
~"Anna: Young Asian Girl Waiting for You"

And not limited to Asians(or girls) either..
~"Gabrielle: Beautiful, curvy senual Italian/Brazilian Girl"
~"Melania: New Hot Sexy Spanish Shemale Ready to Please You 34C-29-36"

It goes on and on. I am so offended!! I wonder if "new and hot" means freshly trafficked from another country. How is this allowed? And how are they not ashamed?
Who can you complain to?

georgetheatheist said...

You complain to Queens Crap. Like we've been doing since its inception. Nobody else gives a damn. No politician. No other paper (once the Courier in a small editorial paragraph way back when). The 22 female employees/contributors of the paper don't. The cops don't care. The District Attorney must be "in bed" with the boys at the Trib.

This is rampant - RAMPANT- promotion of prostitution and nothing gets done about it.


Missing Foundation said...

1.Who can you complain to?
2.You complain to Queens Crap.

Yes, but this is only part of what you need to do. Queens Crap, like a car, get GET you there, but you have to DRIVE.

Write letters to the papers, including the Tribune on how offensive this is (why stop there, jump in all the ads given pols - how can they judge them if they depend on them for money - and ads for real estate - how can they help the community fight developers if they depend on them for money)

Get all your friends and relatives to do the same. Strenght in numbers.

Write to NOW and every feminist group you can think of. Post on Opra, etc.

Now the important part.

Share what you have done (include text of letter/posting whatever) with Crap.

Share their response.

Then we can go from there.


georgetheatheist said...

Missing Foundation. Why do we have to do the heavy lifting? Why do we pay the cops and the DA when these criminal ads are blatantly obvious to them? Something is rotten in Denmark. There's some kind of unwritten rule for one competitive community paper from criticising another's advertising policies? The citizenry is definitely asleep. Italian Girl Primadonna reads about these ads here on this blogsite for over one year and now finally looks for herself.

Missing Foundation said...

George, good question, and I will let some historian speculate on that in the future.

As to current government, we can do three things:

1. Be upset and do nothing (stress will kill you and life is too short)

2. We can leave (and what, look for 1965? you will not find it)

3. We can have fun (yelling the emperer has no clothes in public is a good start)

Now what's in you wallet?

Gary A said...

It goes on and on. I am so offended!! I wonder if "new and hot" means freshly trafficked from another country. How is this allowed? And how are they not ashamed?
Who can you complain to?


Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Quinnis really Bloomy's little brother?

Anonymous said...

The real cowards here are the Quinn and Bloomy staffers who were there on that "diner date" but did not leak the endorsement deal to the public.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg's puppet. She already acts like she works for Mike Bloomberg's private empire although he thinks NYC is his private empire. She is a sell out and took campaign contributions that sure appear to be kick backs from developers. She has made one radical step though...she is now going to make sure city council members live in their district.

I have made so many YouTubes of her go to Suzannahartist Christine Quinn - I even set up playlists of her being booed and her head is dropped down on her chest.

Suzannah B. Troy said...
watch this -- her head can't be any lower as people chant no third term