Friday, January 8, 2010

Uh oh...Brooklyn district getting uppity

Hi Queens Crapper:

"I read your article the CB From Hell. Well, you are not alone. We here in South Brooklyn CB 13 also have the CB from Hell. In fact according this flyer at least 4 CB members are bought & paid for by the elected's in a way that is stealth & most regular community board members don't realize. This is for the 2009-10 budget. The earmarks that are given to CB members by their Councilmen, Assemblymen & State Senators (and I'm sure at the direction of the Borough President). How can the CB members be impartial or evenhanded or speak out against policies or projects that affect the whole community? They would be scared stiff that they would lose their funding. This is part of the problem with getting CB 13 members on board against the "Marty Markowitz Amphitheater." Don't you see a Conflict of Interest here? Please note this money is only for the 2009-10 Budget, what about the other many years that money was given to these non-profits headed by these CB members? Please post.

Thank You" - anonymous


Anonymous said...

I think that we need groups from all over NYC to come forward with this information.

Come one guys, Rome can't buy off all the barbarians, someone out there must be a shade ticked that some creep got money they deserved.

Spill the beans. You have receptive ears here.

And besides, the only chains you have to lose are yours.

Anonymous said...

Community groups around the city need to get organized just like Transporation Alternatives and the Parks Foundation organized community groups for their agendas.

Shame no community preservation groups without ties to developers, or umbrella civic organization that is not cozy with the politicans, exists to do this.

Guess we will have to do this ourselves one neighborhood at a time.

This blog is an excellent opportunity to everyone around town to meet and compare notes.

Good work Brooklyn. Now who else?

Anonymous said...

Do away with discretionary funding entirely unless each legislator is required to conduct an open, transparent public process held within their district where groups apply for funds, fully explain in an open setting what it will be used for and publicly disclose the identity and salaries of all employees and/or directors as well as providing full documentation in layman understandable language of the use of any prior received grants. Then there needs to be a mechanism for neighborhoods to offer comment on the relative merits of any and all applicants for taxpayer money in their neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Now that Councilman Domenic Recchia has been given the Chair of the Finance Committee in the New York City Council I guess the other boroughs other than Brooklkyn won't be getting their fair of the pie.
Don't forget Mr. Recchia is very close to Mayor Bloomberg & Speaker Quinn. In fact Mr. Bloomberg gave Mr. Recchia an additonal $ 1.2 million dollars last year for Mr. Recchia to spread it around to his favorite friends in South Brooklyn & elsewhere when he was on the radar to try to become a Congressman , until he was thrown under the bus by Vito Lopez & friends, which let Councilman Mike McMahon of Staten Island get the coveted Congressional spot.
It only goes to show that the old adage " Money talks & Bullshit walks" is alive & well in South Brooklyn.
Watch out Brooklyn : next stop Mr. Recchia : Brooklyn Borough President.
Unless... we get our act together & start supporting State Senator Eric Adams for Brooklyn Borough President,someone who supported term limits. Some one who has an impecable record of fairness & honesty.
Mr. Recchia is a old political hack, wheeler / dealer, who together with in real estate buddy Joe Sitt of Thor Equities ruined Coney Island for the past 5-6 years. Mr. Sitt held this land hostage to the City, the City overpaid for this land & screwed the people of NY with the blessing of Councilman Recchia.
It's about time we get rid of these bums.

Anonymous said...

Same with CB4 hell kitichen is paid and owned by Quinn. she even gave them subsidized housing. Fucking fed. If i download a pirate money, i bet the FBI will be knocking down my doors. But they do NOTHING about all this corruption.

Anonymous said...

Let Crappy revisit this again and again.

We all want to know how the politicans spend this money ... as a matter of fact, we will find out.

That is a promise you can take to the bank.