Friday, January 15, 2010

Protesting Ackerman

From the Times Ledger:

The protesters, who called themselves the Nassau/Queens 9-12 Project, held signs reading “Government Gone Wild” and “Stop Spending Our Future” as they stood in front of Ackerman’s office at 218-14 Northern Blvd. in Bayside.

“We are here to protest his continued incumbency,” said Stuart Kaufman, of Great Neck, L.I., who led the protest Friday. “We want him out for the money he is spending, the arrogance he is showing and his indifference to his constituents.”

Members of the group, affiliated with the national Tea Party protest movement, said they wanted to ensure the longtime northeast Queens congressman did not get re-elected.

“These folks have the constitutional right to peacefully express their political opinions to their elected representatives, and that is what they did today,” Ackerman said. “I fully support that right.”

Protesters, who waved large American flags in front of Ackerman’s office, said they were opposed to the congressman’s support of national health care reform as well as his ‘yes’ votes on several bailouts of national financial institutions.

He was also featured in a Fox News segment about corrupt Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Pols like this will suffer when they realize the Tea Party people have done nothing politically, and the politicos have spent the nation into spiraling debt.

Who wins this debate?:

1: Dude, Obama won, and you believe in just say NO. Change.

2: Dude, Deluded, Dude.

Anonymous said...

Now that Ackerman is damaged goods, I predict that another seat will go to the 2 council seats that went in that direction as well!

Salvatore said...

While they are protesting against corrupt democrats.. why not also protest against corrupt republicans? Lets get it 2gether. You can't be half pregnant.

Anonymous said...

why not also protest against corrupt republicans?

Like Bloomberg?

Anonymous said...

Nixon had his "Watergate" scandal which ended in his downfall.

This Xenonics stuff is the latest chapter in such ongoing political corruption..."Gary Gate"!

Bump this bum!

You Dems better convince your perennial candidate that he's losing it. How old is he now?

Gary's showing signs of political dementia.

This invariably happens when a pol has warmed a seat for too long.

One of the early warning signs of Gary's senility is that he's continually blowing off his constituents concerns with a typical despot's arrogance. the right thing.

You've had your day in the sun (and your hands in the cookie jar) long enough.

Don't run again!

If you party will suffer the consequences for sure!

Anonymous said...

All politicians are corrupt. It doesn't matter what party they belong to. Once in a while, you find someone who is honest and passionate about making his community better. Those people are scarce, but they DO exist. It is our job to help each other make our communities better. There is strength in numbers and all we really need to do is help each other. As for politics, all of the salaries of politicians need to be cut. So many people enter the playing field because it is lucrative. Take the dollars out of local politics and you will have a different ballgame. As for Ackerman, I don't know how he sleeps at night, but all that will catch up with him. If he had a brain cell in his head, he would retire.

Detective McNutty said...

This blog is mostly about Queens, so finding a corrupt Republican is kinda of hard. Maybe if the Crapper moved to Staten Island, Long Island or Upstate and created a blog, then they could show corrupt Republicans. So the QueensCrapper has no choice but to highlight the corrupt Democrats. I thought the Democrats have been running this town for years, even when Rudy was in charge.

Anonymous said...

That's not really a protest , more like a bunch of guys waiting for happy hour to start.

Anonymous said...

That's not really a protest , more like a bunch of guys waiting for happy hour to start.

TROLL much?

Anonymous said...

Ackerman is a corrupt arrogant turd in need of a good flushing.

If the Dems were smart they'd dump his ass an run Tony Avella. But they're not smart so they prob. won't.

Anonymous said...

Good Gobble Gup !.
(insert Sanford and Son music here)
Where did them protesters get those clothes the Salvation Army, The Crossroads ?
How do they expect to be takes seriously, if they look Grady Wilson !

Anonymous said...

Where did them protesters get those clothes the Salvation Army, The Crossroads ?
How do they expect to be takes seriously, if they look Grady Wilson !

Who are you to judge you asswipe racist pig?

Lino (not impressed) said...

There's that fearsome "tea party" again.

Five old geezers with nothing better to do.

Well, they are sacrificing their daily dose of limbaugh/hannutty etc.

Anonymous said...


It's Hannity and you're nutty. GO AWAY TROLL!

Anonymous said...

first, New Jersey and Virginia citizens rid their states of the corrupt democrats. the TEA PARTY EXPRESS WAS THERE this summer. was that a coincidence ?

in Queens three CM districts rid themselves of democratic/liberal representation. the TEA PARTY RALLY at Bowne Park had little publicity,but the embryo message reached out to the voting public.

today the most democratic/liberal state,MASSACHUSETTS,is being flooded with special interest money from wealthy liberals, seiu ,the D.C. elite in order to defeat the democratic opponent for
U.S. Senate. and the TEA PARTY EXPRESS did not even travel to MA.

the TEA PARTY protest ,small in number in n.y.c., is growing and now is being covered by media.

we never believed a non-democrat would be elected mayor in n.y.c. either, but the democrats, threatened with 2500 homicides a year ,had enough of liberalism. give a shout for "RUDY'. homicides were reduced to 500 a year. law and order is still a priority.

the Eric Holder/Obama muslim/terrorist trial protest was unfortunately rained out,but there were enough patriots to relay the message.KEEP THEM IN GITMO.
there is a third TEA PARTY EXPRESS that has started to roll out west. follow the route on the internet and watch the tapes.this is your Nation,do not enable the corruptors to steal it away.

R.REAGAN beat Carter 49-1 in 1980. the only state to vote for Carter was MA. they finally had enough in 2010. LIBERTY OR TYRANNY?

Anonymous said...

to check the F.E.C. filings of which democratic groups
and amounts that are quickly being donated to Mass. Senate Candidate Croakely see:www.tea party

many millions,and Obama is going to Mass. to campaign for her.

democratic panic.....

Anonymous said...

Disband the City Council!!!

Lino said...

" Anonymous said...
...the TEA PARTY EXPRESS WAS THERE this summer."

That fearsome "tea party" -again?

But wait--there's more:

"we never believed a non-democrat would be elected mayor in n.y.c. either, but the democrats, threatened with 2500 homicides a year ,had enough of liberalism. give a shout for "RUDY'."

Now politically defunct
"Rudy" ran as Liberal/Republican twice.

Without wasting a lot of time on you, I suggest that you become familar with the changing demographics of your own borough.

An easy start:

Scroll down to the east to understand graphs, there you will get e glimpse of reality regarding the fate of the republicans in your own borough.

The rest of what you wrote is obvious cut/paste stuff from some website.

The off-year elections have historically been bad for the party in the White House--ask Reagan...well don't, he's dead. In 1982 the American public kicked his smarmy ass by taking away his party's majorities in -both houses-. Bill Clinton suffered a similar setback in 1994..both men were re-elected.

The vast majority of C-M districts went Democratic, ofter by blowout margins, even your boy Halloran only won by 5% in one of the few remaining majority white districts.

Then we have the issue of the upcoming redistricting after the 2010 Census.....Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

OH NO! Jimmy Carter's and Ronald Reagan's names came up in the comments. This can't end well.

Anonymous said...

Some of these "tea-baggers" are total doofuses...worse than the Dem party pols they are criticizing.

They keep on asking for cuts in spending.

Where...Medicare, Social security?

Those are (heh, heh, heh) "socialist" programs they wouldn't be willing to give up in a heartbeat.


Queens Crapper said...

How about cuts in congressional pork?

Anonymous said...

shame shame on you critics. the 9/12,(2001) movement is a symbol of the sneak attack on the W.T.C.. you fools must have conveniently overlooked the fact that Islamo-fascist terrorists forced our citizens to jump from the 102 story building or burn.

the approximately three thousand citizens who were murdered,must not be forgotten. more dead than the Japanese fascist sneak attack on our military at Pearl Harbor.
F.D. Roosevelt and G.W.Bush had the duty to retaliate. protection of The Nation is a priority in the U.S. Constitution . Southeast Asia would be japanese
slaves today,if not for U.S. defense.

that would include Thailand.these "old geezers" may have saved Lino's ancestors from slavery.

last Thursday was a 20 degree temperature. these citizens are real patriots to expose political corruption in Queens. Nassau and Westchester County citizens rid themselves of the democrat so-called leadership. tax and spend did not work there.

who don't like pizza said...

The Democrats and al-Qaeda are in bed together.

al-Qaeda is trying to destroy America from outside.

The Dems are trying to destroy America from inside.


Anonymous said...

I know a good butcher shop that specializes in trimming pork (LOL)!

Maybe Capitol Hill could use their services!

Anonymous said...

He has been in Washington too long. Fourteen terms, 28 years. He voted for stimulus, cap and trade and health care "reform." He will never be subject to this health care reform.
Gary needs a vacation from Washington.
I say "ANYONE BUT ACKERMAN." If we all vote for an opponent, the downside is two years. Gary will screw us over because he is only worried about his next carnation and his next election.