Friday, January 8, 2010

Principal fired for inappropriate sexual conduct with students

From NY1:

A Queens principal is being fired after an investigation uncovered that he allegedly solicited oral sex from some students and forcibly touched others.

Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard J. Condon released a report Wednesday which states that Quintin Cedeno, a Department of Education principal at the High School for Construction Trades, Engineering and Architecture in Queens, solicited oral sex from at least four male students at the school.

The investigation also found that Cedeno inappropriately touched and attempted to touch those four students, along with other male students, on their private areas.

"He actually admitted to just about everything but soliciting sex from the boy. He admitted that he might have touched some boys in the crotch area, admitted he might have hit some boys on the buttocks, Condon said.

Moreover, Cedeno is accused of engaging in electronic communications and inappropriate conversations with at least eight male students.

"When we subpoenaed the cell phone records, there were 67 cell phone calls from Cedeno to one of the students and there were 140 or so text messages," Condon said.


Anonymous said...

send him to work at the U.S.congress finance committee as an intern .the chairman might need his help.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the old jewish teachers i had growing up in the '60s? all they ever did to us was teach us.

Anonymous said...

What have I been saying about all these inexperienced/incompetent administrators? The DOE is literally hiring ANYONE to "manage" our schools.
This pervert started teaching in 2003 and becomes "principal" in 2007. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
You will be reading dozens and dozens of stories like this in the years to come. BloomKlein have KILLED public education.

Anonymous said...

So what happens now? This guy goes to that room at Board of Ed headquarters where all the worthless unusable teachers sit day after day, on full pay, for the rest of their lives?

Anonymous said...

First of all, he's not a teacher. He's a principal and he will probably be fired and arrested if he already hasn't been.

Anonymous said...

"What have I been saying about all these inexperienced/incompetent administrators? The DOE is literally hiring ANYONE to "manage" our schools."

The words you're looking for are "affirmative", "action",
"reverse" and "discriminiation."

Lino said...

" primadonna said...

First of all, he's not a teacher. He's a principal and he will probably be fired and arrested if he already hasn't been."

TV news reported that since he was not tenured, he was fired immediately.

This sort of thing is not new. In my (nominally attended) high school back in the mid-seventies there were teachers known to be having relationships with male students.

When I taught theater arts in the early '80s my principal jokingly bragged about the ones he claimed to have had. He did this in front of the students, most of which looked like gorillas.

Over in Bangkok they can't get a break. Every time they try to upgrade their education system by bringing in western teachers..they get a (worse then normal) rash of pervs and scandals.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It is true that principals have no tenure and little job protection. That's the tradeoff they got when their union agreed to higher pay.

As for those teachers back in the day bragging about relationships they had with students - well, that's just disgusting.
I went to St. Francis Prep(yes the school where swine flu began) and we had at least 2 teachers that we knew of that were fooling around with the students. One of them, a music teacher, was such a flirt with us. You could always count on him to do or say anything inapproriate. The other teacher got someone in my Cor(homeroom) pregnant and was fired. Not to mention the male social studies teacher known for inapproprately touching boys in the locker room.
Through the years from the time I was in middle school, there was always that "weird" teacher that you knew you had to stay away from.

When I became a teacher, I unknowingly ended up working nextdoor to a computer teacher who was molesting 5th grade(special ed) students in his classroom. I had no idea. I suspected he was gay, but never a pedophile.

These perverts seek out professions where they know they'll be in contact with kids. DOE should be hiring experienced individuals with complete background checks.
But they aren't. They just want pitbulls to shake up staff at the schools. THAT's the "reforms" Bloomberg and Klein are hellbent on making. They couldn't give a sh@# about the kids.

Queens Crapper said...

Ha ha, I know who they were.

Mr. A, the impregnator. And his sister also attended the school at the time.

Mr. M from the music dept also used to bring students to bars to drink with him.

Anonymous said...



Don't forget Mr. S who was banned from the boy's locker room.

Queens Crapper said...

Didn't know about him.

Anonymous said...

We had one of those creeps at science who asked a friend to "sit on his hand" if she wanted to pass mechanical drawing and he was still teaching at the school when I discussed him with a UFT rep years later without naming names. We both knew who he was.

Even more astounding, you can now be a principal without one iota of teaching experience or knowledge. How do you like them apples?

georgetheatheist said...

"School days, school days,
Dear old golden rule days.
'Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetric,
Taught to the tune of a hick'ry stick." [See, there was weird sex even back then!]

Anonymous said...

"Even more astounding, you can now be a principal without one iota of teaching experience or knowledge. How do you like them apples?"

It's called the "Leadership Academy" - Joel Klein's idea of training people(with educational backgrounds or not) to be "administrators".

Can you just imagine your child's principal NEVER having taught in a classroom??
Would you ever want to go to a hospital whose Chief of Staff never examined a patient? How about hiring a lawyer where all that firm's partners never tried a case?
People haven't yet realized the disaster waiting to happen by hiring all these inexperienced/incompetent folks to head our schools.
It's a good thing "Sully" was flying that plane that had to ditch in the Hudson. There's a lot to be said for experience.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the old jewish teachers i had growing up in the '60s?

They moved up to working at Goldman Sachs, Citigroup etc... It's more satisfying to swindle millions of dollars than to touch little boys.

Klink Cannoli said...

primadonna and Queens Crapper wrote:
"One of them, a music teacher, was such a flirt with us." Mr. M from the music dept. Mr. A, the impregnator. Don't forget Mr. S"

How serendipitous. Had Mr. M. for an advanced Music theory class. In retrospect, I can understand why he was so good at solfeggio. Classic closet homosexual.

Interesting to hear about the other indiscretions. Had to yank out the old yearbook to jog my memory. Class of '84 here.

Again I'm heartened to hear about your experiences and thoughts about academia, primadonna. It validates my own perceptions and experiences in academia. People like you in the system give me hope.

Anonymous said...

i first encountered the d.o.e. social engineering agenda ,towards promoting homosexual acceptance by the elementary grade parents in 1973.

when i balked at homosexual teachers brainwashing my children on sex education,many of the young mothers almost booed me.

all those enablers are guilty for the d.o.e. perversion that is victimizing the pupils presently.

the fish is rotten from the head down. homo's can not control their sexual urges and the past d.o.e.record proves it. even STD's and A.I.D.S does not stop their behavior.
now deceased, former L.I.C. principal Howard Hurwitz warned that this social engineering of homosexual teachers into the educational system, will be a disaster for pupils.

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles and victimizers can be gay or straight. It's illegal and immoral and wrong and evil for a teacher to have any kind of suggestive or sexual contact with a minor student. Period.

But it's also wrong to demonize gays, the vast majority of whom are law-abiding and productive members of society. Look, there will always be gays with us, maybe 1-2 percent of the population, and let's live with it and not stigmatize them if they've done nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...


There is NO WAY Mr. M. was gay. NO WAY. He was way too horny for young girls. And if I remember correctly, he was married too. It was just a LOOK he had and the way he would look at us.

Me and my friends personally experienced inappropriate crap from teachers from the time we were in middle school. These pervs know just where to go to be near kids. I have a LOT of stories about these "weird" teachers, professors even.
These men use their "power" to get you to trust them. My 7th Grade(yes that's right I said 7th) Social Studies teacher had a weird little crush on me. This was a middle aged married man with 5 kids. He was constantly winking at me, calling on me, telling the whole class how great I was. This was all so mortifying to me because I was a pretty unpopular kid and even the kids in that class couldn't understand why I was getting so much attention from him. They used to yell "Why do you keep calling on her? She's not even raising her hand!" He would reply, "She's cuter than you!" You can imagine all the sh#@ I got from the popular kids about that(who generally thought I was gross).
Thankfully he never laid a hand on me but it was just his way, that in hindsight, was inappropriate.
I've got a few stories about inappropriate professors, doctors and even politicians(surprise, surprise)! Many of these guys will use their positions to be pigs.

I don't know how much hope I'm giving anyone when I don't have much "hope" for this school system. I've spoken to several experts in the NYC school system and they all say the same thing - it's done.

Anonymous said...

Wow -- another SFP alum here ('87) and I remember all of that. Who says you don't learn from blogs?

Klink Cannoli said...


Mr. M could have been married, but that doesn't precluded him from being a homosexual. He invaded the boys personal space as well. Although I've never heard rumors of sexual improprieties. Possibly like you, I instantly felt the weirdness of his character on the first day of classes. Something not right with the man and I kept my distance. I didn't realize then he maybe homosexual, only after a bit of reflection now would I make such an assertion. But that was a very long time ago. 26 years. I see he's in a Roslyn middle school now. Something may have happened with him at Prep.

As long as there are teachers with your sense, there's hope in my eyes.

Perhaps when the house of cards come falling down, like minded teachers like yourself may start a new paradigm for education. The new orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...


I heard Mr. M was fired years ago for having an affair with a student.

And if I do remember right, some of the Prep girls could be very flirtatious with the younger male teachers. Some of those teachers just went for it.
The worst was Mr A. who got a girl in my Cor pregnant TWICE and the rumor was he frced her to have an abortion TWICE. Her parents went to Bro. Leonard and got him fired. I wonder if he was arrested.

Anonymous said...

And by the time the house of cards come falling down, I'll likely be six feet under.

Klink Cannoli said...

Anonymous said...
i first encountered the d.o.e. social engineering agenda ,towards promoting homosexual acceptance by the elementary grade parents in 1973.

That's the same year the APA removed homosexuality from the DSM due to pressure from gay activists. Who needs science, eh?

If you want to really get upset, Google our Safe School Czar, Kevin Jennings.

Anonymous said...

"demonizing"is usually a term used by special interest groups. ie. the gay rights lobby.

if it walks like a duck,talks like a duck, is a duck.

a homo should not be teaching minor pupils . and that is a fact. parents must be vigilant and protective of their children.

deviants are clever predators in our society,and are being coddled by these special interest groups.

the electorate is being over-ruled by the courts. why?

Anonymous said...

"a homo should not be teaching minor pupils . and that is a fact. parents must be vigilant and protective of their children."

Dumbest thing I've ever read. My first year teaching, my mentor who was an excellent, dedicated teacher happened to be a lesbian. She was so helpful and really helped me out that first year. And NO, she wasn't interested in me. She lived with her partner and seemed happy. I was so naive. It took me a while to figure out she was a lesbian.

Klink Cannoli said...


I could be wrong about Mr. M. I hope I am.

Mr. A's debaucheries...
I guess this might have happened before my time. Brother Leonard was in his first term when I graduated. If the rumors were true, it would be odd that he would still have a job. According to the Prep website, he's still on the payroll. That would be scary.

Six feet under- I hear you. It's really hard to have any hope when something is so entrenched and so big. I have hope because I have faith in the human condition. Enough malcontents could recoup the system. And at its current rate, public education is imploding.

*a wave to the '87 prepster*

Anonymous said...


the key word in my comment is "MINOR".that means age 1 to 18. your age probably was about 22,when you met the lesbian.a consenting adult. i hope you grew to become "popular" and less "gross", than at SFP.

you probably are a lovely women. but you may have swallowed a little to much kool-ade.

Anonymous said...

This post turned into one big Prep reunion.

Funny for the awesome reputation Prep once had, our topics of conversation on the school were related to homosexuality, pedophilia, impregnating students, having affairs with students...

Did we actually get an education there? lol

Funny. Just funny.

Klink Cannoli said...

Heh. Yeah, it is a bit ironic.
Just last weekend I touted to my friend who went to Cardozo, how "liberal" the Catholic school actually was. Where else do you get to choose religion class electives in a religion based school? Ha!

I thought Prep still held notable world status as a high school. What's this "once had" business? Curious.

Anonymous said...

Prep has lost some of its luster. I've heard from recent graduates and parents of recent graduates that the school isn't as competitive as it once was. They have lowered their admissions standards and are graduating nearly half of the students they used to in our day.

I guess a reflection of what's going on in the rest of Queens.
Sad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of electives...

I remember taking a "Human Sexuality" course with Mr. K(I think that's what we called him).
He spent the whole semester telling us we were too young to have sex and we should wait 'til we were at least 21 and with someone you were in love with.

Pretty funky advice from a guy with funky hair. Remember him?

Queens Crapper said...

It was purple. My locker was next to his classroom.

Anonymous said...

He had funky purple hair and funky suits to go with it.
And cowboy boots too if I remember right.

Klink Cannoli said...

Mr. K and his purple dye job... It took a minute for that to come back. Heh, the cowboy boots and the wacky ties I remember. And Human Sexuality! Ha! Rich.

So the both of you couldn't have be too far from my year. I'm afraid to ask where you went to grammar school.

I was one of those 2:37 club members till senior year (Jazz band with Mr. C and a tone deaf brass section). Use to run to Cardozo after school to help produce and rehearse with the pit band for Sing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. T from the music dept popped my friend's cherry...

Anonymous said...

great line,you just got me laughing out loud at 4am.

Anonymous said...

He is probably gay, so this is appropriate behavior for a Principal in this situation.God forgive him if he was doing this with females - it would sexual crime and he would be in jail already?

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says.

I graduated from Grover Cleveland and we had the same nonsense going on their. But basically involved the Gym teachers. The men were hitting on the females. The female gym teachers were mostly lesbians and if were sexing up the girls basketball team. Needless to say I hate sports.

Anonymous said...

during the late 70's,i coached my daughter's 6-8th grade C.Y.O/basketball order to give them an idea of goals to reach ,i began taking them to highschool and college womens games.

it was very clear to me, then,that the sport was heavily
influenced by lesbians.

it disturbed me that i not only was developing the competitive instincts of my team,but also exposing it
to a new threat to them.
in high school my daughter flunked phys.ed. she would not attend.
recently, she said that the gym teacher was inappropriate with the girls, and they did not want to report her.

Anonymous said...

i think they should shut down the school..its pretty bad...horrible teachers, horrible students, and a bad principle...(current freshmen)