Friday, January 8, 2010

Liking this guy more and more

From the Daily News:

Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy ripped into Latino state lawmakers who are slamming his potential gubernatorial candidacy, accusing them of violating the public officers law by threatening that anyone who supports him will be "persona non grata".

Levy said he's going to seek sanctions against at least two Assembly members - Peter Rivera and Phil Ramos - and will file a complaint against with the Public Integrity Commission.

"This should not be swept under the rug by the Assembly, they should be censured at the very least for making these illegal and unethical threats," Levy told me.

"...They basically were saying if you are an agency getting money from the state or seeking money from the state and you support someone we have a political difference with we will cut you off."

"That is the most arrogant abuse of power that I have seen in 23 years. And that’s saying something when it’s coming from this cesspool of corruption here in Albany."

"My position on immigration is pretty much the same as President Obama’s - in favor of legal immigration against illegal immigration."

Isn't that just about every sane American's position? Especially if you care about the security of your country.


Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says...

Yes, that should be everybody position, but actions speak louder than words. Some politicians make it very easy for illegals to succeed and/or ripoff New York/USA.

Anonymous said...

there's less of a link between "illegal" immigration and terrorism than there is between US visas and terrorism.

don't conflate the two.

national security and spanish speaking new yorkers are largely unrelated issues.

nice try.

Queens Crapper said...

And how do you extend "sanctuary city status" to only "Spanish speaking New Yorkers" who are here illegally?

You can't.

Nice try.

Anonymous said...

And why would you want to? They're sucking the country dry.

Joe said...

I worked in media (TV) and seen Steve in action.
He means what he says. This guy plays ball with "nobody" All the crooked polititions, ministrys and churches in Suffolk county hate him.
The print and TV media LOVE underdogs and celebs! (Good for ratings)
Just remember who owns them, and all the tweeders like Bloomber, Wal-mart who need all the shit in the corners Steve Levy wants to cleanup

This will all change, they will and I repeat WILL do a 360 and try to destroy him come election time.

Klink Cannoli said...

I like his stances as well. Just the little I know about him, he sounds like a DINO or a blue-dog Democrat running against the prevailing progressive ideologies. If he has issues with lobbyists and party affiliates, he can always switch sides come voting time.

Anonymous said...

Don't beleive the hype. Levy is another hack.. he's just good on immigration issues. But what is he really capapble of doing about it? Don't be sucked in.

Anonymous said...

"My position on immigration is pretty much the same as President Obama’s - in favor of legal immigration against illegal immigration."

Well expressed even for Democrats. I'll support anyone with this stance and better yet anyone with the cojones to go up agaist the two spanish crooks in Albany! Bravo Levy!!!