Saturday, January 2, 2010

Deutsche Bank demo faces more delays

Deutsche Bldg. faces new snags

The Deutsche Bank Building is finally coming down -- but at a snail's pace.

More than two months after the city gave the long-stalled deconstruction project the go-ahead, workers have removed just two floors from the remaining 26 stories of the toxic tower, officials confirmed yesterday.

At the current rate, the deconstruction project would be hard pressed to meet its latest deadline at the end of 2010, jeopardizing crucial construction projects needed to continue work at the World Trade Center across the street.

Officials at the Lower Manhattan Development Corp., which is overseeing the deconstruction, said they are pressing the contractor, Bovis Lend Lease, to find safe ways to speed up the project.

"We have told the contractor to improve efficiency, but not at the expense of safety," the LMDC said in a statement.

But officials yesterday refused to set a timetable for completing the project, which was initially scheduled to be done by the end of 2008.

Photo from the NY Times


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The real reason it is taking so long is for every worker doing demo, there are atleast 20 people, not construction workers, standing over them just watching. I was working in the building behind it and seen them. All cheifs and and few indians.

Joe said...

Most of us will never see this WTC sight rebuilt in our lifetime.
My Grandfather always said it was cursed and would have bad luck.

It was once called radio row and all mom and pop store owners.
David Rockefeller stole the land & dragged people out into the street in their pajamas. Several old people had heart attacks.
Rockefeller then conveyed the land to the NY Port Authority who flipped to private ownership.

It was all dirty and corrupt from 1966 it will no doubt remain that way.
Why aren't these Deutsche bank owners & contractors in the pookey making "new friends" ?


Taxpayer said...

The most important part of the schedule that is way behind is the payment of kickbacks to the Commissar and his cronies.

No payments, no progress.

Joe is quite correct about the use of land grabs back as far as the Rockefellers, and the crude killing of property owners back then.

The Commissar certainly didn't think of any of this by himself. He simply lacks the imagination or intelligence.

Anonymous said...

We are good at construction but in deconstruction we are simply not naturally done much of this anywhere except to destroy it (explode it deliberately) or in unintentional ways such as 911 which destroyed this building but not take down.

We have a city full of buildings that eventually or prematurely will be taken down within the next century. Gathering all of the necessary proven techniques to do so safely or what not to do as this project taught us should be maintained for future reference.