Saturday, January 2, 2010

Already 5 murders in first 2 days of 2010!

B'klyn pool hall murder is city's 5th of the year

An argument in a backroom pool hall in Brooklyn turned into the city’s fifth homicide of the New Year late this afternoon.

Police say that around 4 p.m., gunfire erupted in the backroom of Maria’s Grocery on Broadway near Hooper Street in Williamsburg.

One man, who has not yet been identified, was pronounced dead at the scene from a gunshot wound to the chest.

Three other men were taken to the nearby 90th precinct for questioning. Police sources described all four men, including the deceased, as Spanish-speaking immigrants.

Here's a quick recap of the others. Only the one above involved a gun.

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4


Anonymous said...

That your diversity and turd world culture. They were likley all drunk or coked up. crazy mayor who welcomed them here.
I wonder how much "snow" the Mayor shoveled new years eve

Anonymous said...

I didn't even realize that there were pool halls in the back of bodegas in some neighborhoods. I'm sure this is legal.

Taxpayer said...

Aren't we all happy now that Commissar Dwarf took an illegal third term without any resistance from us?

He takes the title as the most illegal freak in the city.

The illegal freak murdered the will of the electorate, so the other criminal freaks take their turn now.

Anonymous said...

Fun City!

Joe said...

All sorts of things in the back bodegas and the basements.
Gambling, prostitution, drugs, remote cock fight betting, Fake ID making, La Raza meetings, Santería animal sacrifice and worse weird stuff.
Ask any city DT or cop off the record.
These people have immunity and they are really starting to flaunt it as their populations rise.

I personally know not one but 2 city cops who quit in disgust of having their hands tied.

Anonymous said...

Have a look at the future Bloomberg City:

Police get new lessons.
When police were called to a home they found people slicing up chunks of goat meat and plucking feathers from chickens. Blood spattered the feet of some of those in the house.

''You're killers! You're all going to jail!'' one officer yelled as the elderly residents began to panic.

The commotion and threats didn't end until a call was made to a local anthropologist and a police detective who explained to the officers on the scene that what they had encountered was a routine and legal Santería ritual.

No arrests were made and police left.

The followers of religions whose practices such as animal sacrifices, the casting of spells and use of ''magic'' powders can seem alien to many officers.

''We really need more cultural sensitivity,'' said Jackie Beno, a longtime Santería priestess. "Officers need to be educated"

Hoping to promote greater sophistication law enforcement agencies, anthropologist Rafael Martinez and Nelson Reyes, led a 7 day course on ritualistic religions at Miami police headquarters last month.
Officers from around the county learned about Santería.

The first day of the class, Martinez and Reyes laid a three-foot high doll found in the bushes of a Park, dressed in red and black. Machetes -- smelling of chickens an important part of Santería .

Anonymous said...

Most of the cops hired post 9/11 have no clue.It is not their fault that they are just taught to take reports(the ones who can actually write/speak english) and write tickets.THe next few years will see many of the "safe streets" cops leaving.The classes 0f 1991-1994. had approx 9,000.Crime will rise as the experienced cop leaves the shitty.Good luck............. NOT said...

All sorts of things in the back bodegas and the basements.
Gambling, prostitution, drugs, remote cock fight betting, Fake ID making, La Raza meetings, Santería animal sacrifice and worse weird stuff

...and rave dining reviews on as the kiddies take their visiting relatives in for a bite of the Big Apple.

Hookah anyone? Oh lets chat with that nice man from Nigeria typing away on his laptop.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the victim was yet another "promising honor student" killed by yet another "good kid gone bad" or "aspiring rapper" or "mistaken target."

Same old, new year.

Anonymous said...

Does the Health Dept ever visit these locations? I think not!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Ray Kelly has already downgraded them to something other than murders. He will be on tv tonight with Bloomberg gushing about how we have had a murder-free year so far. Crime down, my ass!

Anonymous said...

Immigrants? Legal? Did they check their status with the Feds?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to bloomberg safe big city