Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can we handle the terror trials?

From City Journal:

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly warned Wednesday that putting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other suspects on trial for terrorism in New York would place an unbearable financial and security burden on a city whose policing resources were already badly stretched.

Commissioner Kelly did not openly urge President Obama to reconsider his Justice Department’s decision, saying such policy issues were Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s domain. But he saw no reason, he said, why such high-profile trials should not be held at a military base or another venue that would be less “disruptive” and pose less of a security challenge to New York. Kelly made his remarks at the annual breakfast meeting of the Police Foundation, which raises millions of dollars each year from individuals and New York-based companies to finance some of the NYPD’s more innovative counterterrorism and other programs.

Commissioner Kelly said that the Obama administration’s decision to try the five highest-profile accused terrorists in New York was not only “certain to raise the threat level” in a city that has always been al-Qaida’s top target, but would also break the department’s budget absent substantial federal assistance from Washington. “We simply cannot go forward” with the enhanced security measures his department has planned “without cash on the barrel head,” Kelly noted. Earlier this week, NYPD officials had discussed the amount of federal assistance the city would receive with President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget, but a figure has not been agreed upon.

City officials and New York Senator Charles Schumer have already urged the federal government to foot the entire security bill for the trials it recently decided to hold in New York’s criminal courts. But even if the city were reimbursed for every dollar it spent, Kelly claimed, further “erosion” in the police department’s ranks had to be expected. The department will have 34,500 officers by the middle of next year, or 6,000 fewer than it did the year before the 9/11 attacks, he said.


georgetheatheist said...

And if they ever find KSM, this son-of-a-bitch, guilty, hang him in the pit of Ground Zero.

Anonymous said...

Kelly finally admits that we are down 6ooo cops.Now they all go on 12hr tours to stretch manpower.The older guys get to fatten their pensions and then leave.That leaves us with the cunts,runts and diverse mutts with no experience,clue or balls.The city is in for a rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

Do I smell federal money and finally a large class for July? I hope so..

Anonymous said...

I will support the terrorism trials on the condition that they hang the culprits on the swings in Astoria Park so I can drop by and personally whack them with a bad.

If this is not possible, at least hang them from the Triborough Bridge so I can view them twisting in the wind from my bedroom window.

Anonymous said...

these cops can't even handle check points in the subway, and I am suppose to trust them with these terorists? To hell with trying them, just kill them and save us some money!

Babs said...

I don't want the trials held here -

We should have a protest against this when the weather warms.

Anonymous said...

there was an Eric Holder/obamaTRIAL protest in december ,but the torrential rain that day diminished the projected large crowd.

do not ever forget the video of American citizens being forced ,by muslim terrorists, to jump from 102 floors or burn in plane fuel.

call your do nothing democrat n.y. reps. make sure the clerk can read back your comment.i find that they let a caller vent,but do not relay your message to your U.S. rep.


Babs said...

"there was an Eric Holder/obamaTRIAL protest in december ,but the torrential rain that day diminished the projected large crowd."

Eric Holder is originally from Elmhurst - do you think he's getting his old buddies in on the action maybe?

This will be another OJ - they'll be all terrorists on the jury or anti-profilers or their RELATIVES maybe. Their lawyers will say they were not read their rights in Arabaic. There'll be a mistrial and then another - the Post will nickname them the "Teflon Terrorists".

Joe said...

One could only wish they would hang the culprits on the swings in Astoria Park.

Personally Id strap them in a harness from a helicopters and bang them into the buildings. Let them see what the people in them airplanes saw.

Terrorists are likely going to kidnap a school bus, Midtown tunnel or something worse for ransom.

Kelly must be shitting bricks and cant admit his runts cant handle it. Obama's an ass for forcing this on NYC

Babs said...

Our police force AND our legal system can't handle it.

We have more disbarred attorneys than practicing ones - we have judges who are played like fiddles by these attorneys. Judges' decisions are OVERTURNED daily by the Appellate Court - I'm glad SOMEONE either knows the law or is practicing it in New York. Trying them under our corrupt and outdated system is TOTALLY NUTS!

WHY are they coming here? WHY? -

WHO wants to sit on this jury anyway - not me that's for sure - I WON'T GO if called - they can fine me.

-Joe said...

WHY are they coming here? WHY? -
I think Obama knows it will get f_ed up or thrown in NYC. He needs an out to free Muzlim brothers (perhaps he thinks the savages will become friends and leave us alone).

Look how this buttlicker puts on knee pads every time Helsinki or the UN calls

Obama's an urban version of Jimmy Carter who's gonna get alot of people killed.
Once a Muslim always a Muslim.
That's my opinion

Anonymous said...

I consider myself fairly open minded but these scum, yep that is what they are, are enemy combatants, not common criminals. They do not deserve all the rights granted to them in civilian courts. This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen. People had better wake up and understand that these scum want to kill us all.

Babs said...

Joe - your guess is as good as anyone's. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't recall a public explanation on why they are coming here.

I'm a Liberal Joe - slthough not a bleeding heart one but I tend to believe that Obama MAY have wanted to set an example for the rest of world - as idealistic as that sounds.

But a blow by blow accounting of the trials I'm afraid will only incite the terrorists' sympathizers here in New York and New Jersey. Maybe that's the idea - they'll all come out from under their rock.

I believe that there is a lot of money to be made for the New York legal community of which Holder was once a member of -

Joe said...

When does this trial start ?
I want to take a final free walk through NYC. Pick up some $15 Rolex's on Canal and have a couple cocktails at Live Bait.

This without getting felt up by the cops or a blast of Zyclon B in the subway.

Obama's an UN buttkissin SandN*gg&% lovin ass. Its Washington DC that deserves this shit rammed down our throats at gunpoint not us !!

Babs said...

Joe said: "I want to take a final free walk through NYC. Pick up some $15 Rolex's on Canal and have a couple cocktails at Live Bait."


yep - we'll be fined for one thing or another whenever we turn around in the city - a real "FUNDRAISER" this is going to be.