Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bloomberg sending cops to Bermuda?

From the Village Voice:

It would appear that the NYPD has agreed to send gang intelligence investigators to the lavish resort island of Bermuda to help out the cops there.

Who arranged this posh retreat? Why, according to Bermuda's paper of record, it was Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself who offered the NYPD's assistance.

We are being impertinent to note that Bloomberg happens to have a $10.5 million vacation home on the island. The mansion has a 500-square-foot bedroom, a "vanishing horizon pool," ocean views, and a living room so posh that "you wouldn't want to come through those doors in a swimsuit," the New York Observer once wrote.

So, let's get this straight: the billionaire mayor in the midst of a budget crisis, with a shrinking police force, has decided to loan experienced police investigators to a resort island where he owns a mansion. Sure, crime is down, but this is ridiculous!


Anonymous said...

Hello,911? hello? hello???

Anonymous said...

Hey wait - 10 years ago while I was on Bermuda his house in Tucker Town was worth minimum 25 million as his neighbors places are.

If Bloomberg hires off-duty copy to advise PD in Bermuda so be it. On our dime, not a chance - they are rich enough in Bermuda.

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a crime!

Anonymous said...