Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bloomberg now okay with limiting mayors to two terms

From the NY Post:

Mayor Bloomberg's plan to call a Charter Revision Commission this year is moving forward -- he recently had a breakfast meeting with cosmetics king Ron Lauder to discuss the topic, the Post has learned.

The private meeting between the two billionaires was specifically to talk about a Charter Revision Commission, and came about at the mayor's request, said Lauder spokesman Howard Rubenstein.

The mayor can appoint as many as 15 people to the panel, which is expected to oversee an extensive overhaul of the city charter, starting with term limits. Besides Lauder, the mayor hasn't indicated whom he might choose.

Lauder, a longtime proponent for limiting mayors to two terms, reversed his position last year after Bloomberg said he wanted to run for a third term.

In exchange, Lauder was promised a spot on the commission -- and is expected to lobby for a return of the two-term limit.

The commission is also expected to look at the Public Advocate's Office, borough presidents' offices and land-use procedures as part of its extensive examination of the charter, City Hall sources said.


Anonymous said...

A bunch of cigar chomping old codgers in a smoke filled room - you have f*cking got to be kidding.

What the hell is this - 1910 Louisiana?

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy at its best.. only in NY

primadonna said...

Bloomlush is a two-timer. Why New Yorkers three-timed him, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

He's such an ass and shame on all those who voted for him!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Absolute hypocrite. Sorry to use blue language, but Bloomberg is such a piece of sh*t.

Gary the Agnostic said...

If anyone here voted for him--do you want to explain yourselves?

stinky said...

The big joke is at our expense.

Anonymous said...

Let's get the charter revision and have it be retroactive. Out Bloomy!