Wednesday, September 17, 2008

LIC trainyard stinks - again!

Dozens In Queens Fall Ill From Mysterious Odor
By: NY1 News

More than two dozen people fell ill this afternoon, as a mysterious smell permeated a Queens neighborhood for a second day in a row.

Tenants of a Long Island City office building were evacuated twice yesterday because an odor was making people sick. Symptoms included eye watering, vomiting, dizziness, and respiratory ailments.

The smell returned again today, forcing a hazardous material team to return to the building and treat the victims.

Fifty-four people received medical treatment on the scene. No one was transported to the hospital.

"Our hazmat team metered the entire building inside and out and we found there were no serious fumes," said FDNY Chief Charles Lamberta. "The building's clear, but we treated the people for their symptoms, and everyone, I think, is returning to work."

Fire officials believe the odor is coming from an excavation site behind the building.


Anonymous said...

Might be more of that Rockefeller standard oil in the ground, or just more toxic neglect from NYC politician's who make other city politicians look like saints.By the way the democrats in this state and city are nothing like other cities.The Rep\ dems here just care about money and developement.Everyone knows how bad the politicians here are that are not from here.You guys have tabloid papers that are taken seriously.Goofy

Anonymous said...

Seriously, where is the DEP or EPA or whoever is supposed to be looking after this? There are 2 schools in that vicinity, one being a preschool with children who may be too young to express that they don't feel well. What the hell is going on?

Anonymous said...

Somebody's got a gassy assy!

Did our "doorman"
cut the cheese again?

Political neglect around here sure
stinks to high heaven!

And the tweeded keep on voting
these clubhouse crooks back in!

Anonymous said...

This whole area has been
a massive sinkhole
for many varieties of industrial waste for countless years.

So why then the big rush for residential (or any other)
new building here?


So that unscrupulous clubhouse pols
can enjoy some hefty
kickbacks while people are being poisoned in the process.

Many of these medical conditions may not manifest themselves for years to come.

By that time the developers
would have walked away from
any claims of liability.

And you dopey yupsters
think this is a great new
up and coming nabe?

Boy, did those used car salesmen sell you a lemon
(not a very difficult task it seems).

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the surrounding communities have been marginalized and betrayed by their leadership so the people are demoralized.

You will have no protest there!