Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More reason to dump boro prez position

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz directed nearly $700,000 in city contracts to a nonprofit he controls - sometimes in amounts just small enough to avoid public scrutiny.

From 2004 through June 2008, Markowitz doled out $680,496 in taxpayer dollars to his organization, Best of Brooklyn Inc., without competitive bidding or approval from other city agencies or boards.

Among the 18 no-bid contracts were four issued for exactly $24,999 on the same day in 2005.

At the time, city law required contracts worth $25,000 or more to be filed and reviewed by the city controller while smaller contracts got largely no scrutiny.

If the contracts were really a $99,996 contract broken into four parts to avoid public scrutiny, it would violate the law, city Controller William Thompson said.

The group gets about half of its roughly $1 million budget from private donors. The rest comes from the city and state, including money from Markowitz and others.

Marty Markowitz steers big bucks to nonprofit without city scrutiny


Anonymous said...

I'm shocked...shocked...yeah...right!

That's why Spike Lee called his film about that stylishly corrupt borough,"CROOKLYN"!

Maybe old Marty should be made an honorary member of the original Brooklyn Dodgers for his ability in dodging the authorities
for so long a time.

Imagine what Manes, Shulman and now Marshal have gotten away with in Queens.

The population in this 4th rate borough is so f-----g dumb that you can steal from them in broad daylight right under their very noses.

At least in Brooklyn they accomplish the same while demonstrating their skills in the deft employment of slight of hand.

(A-hem....a tip:
Maybe it's time to check the money trail of some big not for profit groups right here in Queens and see if they're playing by the kosher rule book).

Anonymous said...

open the books of those big
Queens not-for-profits
(i.e. Queens council on The Arts)
and see how their garden grows!

Anonymous said...

"Marko" looks like
he just swallowed a "stroonze"!

Calling DOI:
Investigate ALL the boro prezs!

That's the office (fence)
where the real estate development "hole in the wall" gangs drop off
their loot for dispersion!


Anonymous said...

And now the classic do-nothing councilwoman Helen Sears (Jackson Heights) is raising money to run for Borough President, a classic sinecure. (What's worse--extending terms limits so that flotsam like Sears stays in place or seeing her float to a higher watermark of do-nothingness, exemplified by Claire Marshall?)

The political machine in Queens is run by the Democrats, and it has to be broken up, because it is all about loyalty and patronage of the machine. Pay attention, Congressman Joe Crowley, your (Thomas Manton-arranged) sinecure is next on the hit list.

Anonymous said...

May explain why Vallone wants the spot.

Anonymous said...

But of course....
the boro prez's office would be where Don Pietro Vallone can hand out favors in return for pledged loyalty to his mob!

Charlie "the judge" sure spawned
some skeevy !!!

Anonymous said...

Queens Council on the Arts? how dare you!

"multi-cultural, diversity and multi ethnic" their favorite buzz words.
translation: QCA supports the illegal immigrant invasion
and won't give grants to native Caucasians. Get on the end of the line if you are white and live in Queens. You are so out of favor with the commizzars of the QCA.

as for Marty, he's an old bum who's got what's coming to him.

Anonymous said...

Will ya look at dat...
Marty's wearin' a "Brooklyn" pin
on his lapel!

In Queens'
the clubhouse hands out
measly KKK pins.

(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks).

Anonymous said...

sure beats being the jackasses that put 'em in office!

Anonymous said...

translation: QCA supports the illegal immigrant invasion
and won't give grants to native Caucasians.


good heavens? where did this one come from? oh to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Anonymous said...

He only cares about the Hasidic community and his back patting for promoting brooklyn to tourists.Another phoney who should gets some ethic's.Wont happen im sure.

Anonymous said...

And which community,pray tell,
is our burro/prez pandering to?

Promise 'em anything to grab their votes then give 'em the shaft!

And those community weekly news rags are the bible of the tweeded!

Wanna get to the real truth?

Log onto Queens Crap!