Sunday, September 21, 2008

One more time for term limit vote?

There's still time to let voters decide if they want to stretch term limits, several election experts say.

"A Charter Commission can hold a special election on 60 days notice," said Henry Berger, a lawyer often involved in election-law cases in the city and state.

Voters may have a say in term-limit debate through special election in 2009

Jerry Goldfeder, a veteran election law expert with the firm of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP, said the state's Municipal Home Rule Law permits a Charter Revision Commission to set a special election for a referendum.

He said the mayor would have to create the commission and it woulds have to conclude its business and schedule an election "as early as possible."

As a rule, referendums are held in the November general elections, which draw more voters.

It's too late to include one in this year's general election and a referendum in November 2009 could only apply to future office holders, not the current term limited ones, Goldfeder said.

A special election for a term-limits referendum could be held early next year and apply to current incumbents, he said.


miles mullin said...

With all the problems at the local, state, and national level, this distraction is what we have to deal with.

Exhibit A of a little problem (among serveral) we have with our current office holders.

No one wants, or needs, this issue.

Anonymous said...

Creating distractions to divert attention from the Queens KKK's
(Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks) shenanigans is SOP in political


There wouldn't be a need for a special election if
Reich's chancellor Bloomberg wouldn't be trying an end run
around democracy!

But what do you expect from a pint sized despot?

First he and his SS thugs
(Frau Shulman & Co.), tries to
steal land from the businesses at Willets Point and now he's attempting to usurp the will of the electorate.

Some fellow Jew he is employing such despicable strong-arm Gestapo tactics. A traitor to his race!

H-m-m-m....but then again,
Bloomberg is a German name isn't it?

Run that little bastard out of town
to take refuge back in his Boston bunker!

Anonymous said...

fuck you Dumberg just go away fucking asshole

Anonymous said...

Some fellow Jew he is employing such despicable strong-arm Gestapo tactics. A traitor to his race!

Please, this is not useful.

bloomberg sucks said...

this fatcat goddamn turtle-faced egomaniac must go!

Anonymous said...

this fatcat goddamn turtle-faced egomaniac must go!

... and this is about as useful as trying to gather information from a local newspaper.

Anonymous said...

... and this is about as useful as trying to gather information from a local newspaper.


Anonymous said...

These lemmings in Manhattan who think bloomie is the greatest mayor dont know a thing about this thug who gets what he wants even it involves pushing out residents, or business that has been taken through eminent domain or priced out.We dont need aynmore buildings or cranes knocking over people and property.NYC in NO WAY could possibly be the greenest city in the country.Its just a PR stunt.Its a great city in many ways, but dirty and by no means "green".But Manhattan drones couldnt possibly question that concept. Smoggy yes with fantastic asthma rates and benzene floating on property.And he is a dipshit for congestion pricing beacuse thats a strong arm way of going about less cars when HES promoting and funding more building.Little contradiction from a little wanna be dictator.
Like someone said on here before that has friends who work around him in govt office's: Hes a phoney.

Anonymous said...

Responding to:
"Please this is not useful"?

I happen to be a Jew.

The last time I spoke with my Rabbi we called each other "FELLOW JEWS"!

So Bloomberg is (unfortunately)
likewise my "FELLOW JEW"
ad infinitum).

Or would you prefer me to use
Dr. Henry Kissinger's term for people sharing his own beliefs as

You're an idiot, and you damn well know it, for attempting to insinuate any anti Semitic intent here on my part!

Nikos Tanroussis said...

The more politicians oppose term limits, the more they insipre us to keep them in place! What's next, non-partisan erections?

Anonymous said...

did you mean non partisan elections?

I love the Freudian slip.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg for king and be done with our ersatz democracy.

He's screwing us all like a monarch would anyway!