Monday, September 29, 2008

They must be very reliable!

How interesting that the Nassau County Police Department is getting their transmissions done on Metropolitan Avenue in Middle Village. Does Tom Suozzi know about this border crossing?


Anonymous said...

The mother F- SOB Suozzi is just like Bloomberg.
He wants Nassau and Queens to be one high density plop of work barricks with massive public transportation hubs.
....Yeah toss all the zoning laws thrown down the toilet...ehhh ?

Suozzi tried to convince the Town of North Hempstead parks dept to merge with Nassau County to make all the private North Hempstead beaches on the North Shore public.

Technically North Hempstead is not part of Nassau County, been that way since 1784
Why should we take Hempstead, Uniondale and "Westbury Mexico" garbage !!

The Town of North Hempstead was created in 1784 by a special act of the NYS Legislature. North Hempstead WAS part of the Town of Hempstead

In the 1770's residents in the northern part of the Town demanded independence.
It was Mostly British and Dutch occupied. The northern part of the Town did not fare as well as residents to the south who were more supportive of the Tories and Tweeds.
This contunues to this day.

After a War in 1783, the division was made and the legislature approved a separate North Hempstead township.

How dare this liberal Dem pig Suozzi come along and stir the pot !
WE DONT WANT TWEEDS throwing garbage, gawking at our blond blue eyed teenage girls --or people BLASTING RAP ON OUR BEACHES!!
N Hempstead aint Santa Monica !

Anonymous said...

Those are 6th Precent (Manhasset) cars:

Souzzi has no say in North Hempstead. far thank god

Anonymous said...

Note the TNH "Coat of Arms" just below the door mirrors.

Queens Crapper said...

What about this one that was there today?

Anonymous said...

who cares???...departments often send out vehicles for maintenance that they cannot perform on their own such as transmission work or engine work...they probably submitted the lowest bid to service the vehicles and won the contract

Anonymous said...

screwed all there nassau county vendors, now there working on queens vendors.

Anonymous said...

I'm an LEE with the Nassau County PD. The cars (603) and (615) are absolute pieces of shit(excuse my language). That's why they send them over to Queens to have them fixed up. It's cheaper and we can't afford to get a patrol car off the streets to have it sit at fleet bureau for a month to get a transmission fixed up.

EDIT: Woah. I didn't realize how old this post was. those old Chevy Impalas have long been replaced by the Ford Explorer and Chevy Caprice. Very few Impalas left in service.