Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Most dangerous streets in western Queens

Queens Boulevard gets a lot of attention as the "boulevard of death," but some of the borough's other streets are also dangerous spots for pedestrians, according to a report issued by doctors at Elmhurst Hospital Center.

Some streets pose dangers to pedestrians

They looked at 998 patients who ended up in the hospital's emergency room because they were struck by vehicles while trying to cross busy borough streets.

The team mapped the accidents and found many hot spots. Among them are the Queens Blvd. and 63rd Drive intersection and Roosevelt Ave. in the area between 64th and 69th Sts., as well as Northern Blvd. near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Galer said she was surprised to find out most of the accidents involved people between the ages of 30 and 60.

"We initially though it might be mostly school-aged students and elderly people," she said. She also thought the research would show many of the accidents took place as kids returned home from school. But the heaviest cluster was from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. They urge public awareness.


Anonymous said...

How about urging drivers to respect the rules of the road and calm the hell down. Oh, and maybe some enforcement of the rules would help but that would require cops on bikes or scooters in these areas to quickly catch up with these maniacs.

Anonymous said...

One of the worst streets ive ever crossed.Maybe they could build walkways above that autobahn.Other cities have done similiar walkways above busy roads like that.Put them in every 4 blocks so people dont bitch about expense and tax dollars instead of caring about people getting hurt by drivers flying down that nasty road at 80 miles an hour plus.

Unknown said...

I wonder how many were struck by turning vehicles or straight on traffic? Crossing the street always seems safer against the light than with the walk signal because of turning traffic paying attention to oncoming traffic instead of people walking.