Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bohack building reveals itself

If you grew up in pre-1980s Queens, you remember the Bohack chain of supermarkets. Their HQ was on Flushing Avenue where they also had this restaurant:
(Click for large version) The building is still there with the signature "B" along the sides.

A history of the Bohack family is on Newsday's website, and from what I understand, descendants are still around the borough. Founder H.C. Bohack, a German immigrant, is buried at All Faiths Cemetery in Middle Village.

Across 69th Street from All Faiths at the corner of Metropolitan Avenue is a building that originally was a monument works, then a gas station and now a service station. Recently, the "Da Vinci" sign on the facade was removed revealing this (click for large version):

It says "H.C. BOHACK CO. INC. STA"

So my question is: Did Bohack also sell gasoline?

Lang Building photo from MGdo on Flickr.


kozel said...

I just checked eBay looking for a Bohack matchbook; I didn't find what I was looking for. I've seen Bohack matchbooks (and I may have one) advertising the fact that there were service stations.

gasman said...

although more known for their supermarkets, Bohack Realty did also own many service stations throughout the city, the stations were often named after the town or community they were serving but some like the one at 69th apparently did use the Bohack name

Anonymous said...

This building was never a funeral home.That information has surfaced before and proven incorrect. It was a monument dealer and manufacturing plant originally.

Anonymous said...

The founder of Bohack and family members are buried in a mausoleum in All Faiths Cemetery (formerly Lutheran Cemetery) in Middle Village, Queens.

Anonymous said...

Price tag involves line rental (£19 per month).