Monday, September 8, 2008

Glendale green thumb has lots of company

Green-fingered gardeners inundated the Daily News with pictures of their overgrown fruits and veggies after reading about a Queens woman's 6-foot-long zucchini.

Daily News' story on 6-foot zucchini sparks battle of the giant veggies

One reader sent a photograph of her father's 4-pound tomato, another sent images of his long, curly cucuzza.

The strangest picture of all was from a couple who dressed their larger-than-life squash as newlyweds, posing next to them with a sign that read: "WHEN MUTANT VEGETABLES WED."

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Miles Mullin said...

I bet if the machine put them on the ballot under the 'D' column, they would win.

The IQ of city council would bump up!