Monday, September 8, 2008

The clown car house of Elmhurst

Believe it or not, 6 units of crap are coming to 79-01 57th Avenue in Elmhurst, to be built atop this rather narrow foundation. (Can anyone explain the "partial permit" business? What part was not approved?) They managed to get the foundation in the ground before they were shut down last month for improper excavation. (Note the partially built structure in the rear that was constructed without a permit some time ago and abandoned midway.) All next door to yesterday's featured piece of Queens Crap.

No surprise here, folks. This is the same developer that tried to pass a giant apartment building off as an alteration at 1 Claremont Terrace. Let's pretend this isn't happening, though, and keep focusing on how great it is to be vibrant and diverse. It keeps borough hall happy.


Miles Mullin said...

Elmhurst needs to be bulldozed. The poster child of bringing back urban renewal.

Why is it neighborhoods in like Flushing and Elmhurst are so ugly and no one ever states the obvious?

All the newspapers crow is the wonderful diversity (which in plain English means there is no real community of shared interests) and great real estate invesment opportunities (the result of a community of no shared interests means that anyone can come in and do anything they want secure there will be no opposition.)

They do have wonderful restaurants with mystery meat drawn from the world famous vibrant! diverse! Melensian and Parageuan and Javan and Farsi cuisine though, as if that is the most important thing on the radar.

Anonymous said...

Is there an office space ata 1 Claremont Terrace where Chang has his office? That's what it says under "Owner".

From the pix of Claremont Terrace it would seem that the building has not been built....and note that there is a SWO on the Claremont Terrace building site because they were working without permits in July.

Anonymous said...

Diverse and Multi Cultural are buzz words for the landlord wants to force you out and charge the next person more money. And wants to make sure the next tenant can't speak English and is terrified to complain to the city. It's called the revolving door theory of community.

the YUNNIES young urban narcissists fall for this clap trap, happily move into that rent stabilized apartment they are over paying for only to find out bed bugs where here before they were and move out while having a hissy fit that none of the other apathetic tenants care that the building is infested with bed bugs, roaches, leaks, mold, broken appliances and filthy hallway.
the landlord laughs all the way to the bank. Next sucker who falls for diverse ethnic community willing to pay more rent moves in.

Anonymous said...

Future home of Jake LaCrapa, that stuttering dumbass attorney for ex-councilman and grandmother perv, Dennis Pee Gallagher.

Anonymous said...

Isn't LaSala Anthony Como's counsel?