Monday, September 8, 2008

Will he clean up the Katz litter box?

Mel Gagarin, a Kew Gardens resident, is hoping to replace Councilwoman Melinda Katz (D-Forest Hills) when she is term limited out of office next year. He is announcing at this time because he has trouble keeping secrets once he’s made up his mind.

Fresh face, vision for Kew Gardens council seat

Gagarin began his work in politics as a caseworker for Congressman Anthony Weiner. He then went to work for state Sen. Jose Serrano (D-New York) as communications liaison. He currently works as the media manager for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. He grew up in Elmhurst, leaving in 2000 to attend college in Washington, D.C.

He decided to run because the city is currently in a precarious growth situation, with one million new residents expected in the next 12 years. The city, and the borough, must examine its infrastructure and move forward cautiously with development to make sure people have the services that are vital, he said. He also wants the outer boroughs to be considered seriously when planning for the future.


Anonymous said...

ha ha .. good luck

Forest Hills wont get any legislative respect with this plebe representing.

Most reps have suits older than he is.

Anonymous said...

Having a Bukharan Jew rep Forest Hills is like having a Fox mind the Hen house.

georgetheatheist said...

Is he related to Yuri?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mel-- but the Queens machine has already picked someone for Katz's spot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and you bobble headed voters will gladly pull the lever for whomever the Queens clubhouse favors!

And so the saga of stupidity continues!

Anonymous said...

Lydon Sleeper

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize the Queens Machine replaced the voters. Queens could use some fresh ideas...most reps have ideas older than their own suits.

ps - to whoever posted the "Bukharan Jew" comment - not only are you an anti-Semite but you apparently don't know how to look at a picture.

Ascan said...

This guy worked for Anthony Weiner? He lost my vote.

Anonymous said...

How does he afford a wife and two kids in Kew Gardens at that young age and on that kind of salary? The wife must be a doctor or something...

He pings my gaydar though... can't quite say why...

Anonymous said...

Why the negativity?

"He pings my gaydar"

"Bukharan Jew"

We should be using some more nuanced arguments, but what I am seeing are cheap shots. Whether the machine was picked someone or not, that should not stop Mel from running.

Anonymous said...

Aim for the stars, Mel! We need more young faces in office (whose parents are not already in office. Sorry, Evan)

-Joe said...

The wife must be a doctor

.....More likely S African diamond slave trade.

I’m not Anti Semite I have over 3 Jewish friends, Jill, Jordan.

Even an Iranian Jew named Jacz who calls Bukharan's "Goat Fu*kers"
Jecz pronounces Bukharans = "Book-Rah's" "Goat F*ckers" who plow and rape anything in there path.
.....His words not mine
I do use the word ZOG, and that applies to just about all the top politicians running the show.

The Jewish have a very weird way of thinking. DEEDS MEAN NOTHING to these people only accomplishments and change.

I judge people by there actions!!
So far all this Queens ZOG and Tweeds and diamond slave trade pirates they snooze have proven to be nothing but rapists and white collar criminals who have created a Pirate goverment that I beleive is illegel !!

Alexander Hamelton and Ben Franklyn warned of this and what WILL follow !!

The ZOG reeks from Wall Street all the way to Larchmont

Anonymous said...

see I told you so..

term limits doesnt do anything but build the strength of the influence peddlers who put shill candidates in front of the bobble head voters.

More of the same. Good luck NYC resident lemmings. You get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

hey joe -

i hear the KKK is putting up some candidates just for bigots like you.

Anonymous said...

Most of you bloggers are demeaning, ignorant, and a simple waste of time. Give Mel Gagarin a chance.

-Joe said...

Google Him and find some of his video

This guyS on the scene a couple months and has talked more multicultural & bi-racial crap'ola then Ted Kennedy has in a year !!!

This aint the Netherlands !!!

Sadly this is what the ex hippies running our educational instutions are creating

Anonymous said...

The machine is backing Deputy Beep Karen Koslowitz but former Assemblyman Mike Cohen is giving her a tough time. County doesn't like him because he puts the community first before the Machine.

Also, gay rights activist Lynne Shulman is running in the district too.

Anonymous said...

By "KKK" were you referring
to those "Klu-less Klub-house Krowley-suckers" who love being tweeded by the Democ-RAT-ic machine?

Anonymous said...

"Klu-less Klub-house Krowley-suckers"

The KKK is alive and well in Queens!
Anybody who disagrees with them are called racist pigs, sheep, NIMBY Archie Bunkers.

Anonymous said...

When the Queens Machine
(much like a supermarket distributor) controls the store by loading the shelves with losers,
then what choice does a consumer have in a so called free election but to pick from the cream of the crap?

So, in fact, the machine HAS REPLACED
the voters ability to choose freely
you ass wipe!

Anonymous said...

The area south of the Boulevard,rego Park, forest Hills Kew Gardens and Richmond Hills, and Elmhurst is very up and coming. unfortunatel, The arrogance of Bulkrian Jews will run over many of our customs if we allow them to represent a constituency who has lived here for over 100 years.
Change must happen, as it is commonly promoted for our upcoming Presidental elections. We need improved infrastructure, more parks, trees and benches. Forest hills is in a process to become an internationally acclaim banking district. safe real estate investments and a diverse retail giant. I would be caution having a very young man to help govern a neighborhood with very little and short ties to our home and neighborhood.I was thinking of running for office myself. Unfortunately, the voting process of councilpersons are made in the booth and we read the last name of the person and vote racially;At least is what i hear other do and i have done the same for Jugdes and from which party they are from.I'm a regisyerd democrat, leading towards "Independent". It's like I agree with women right to abort at any time but it is still killing a potential person. I absolutely do not believe that anyone has more divinity within themselves than others: we are human beings all struggling to live a free and happy life.
Incidentially,a large portion of the American Jewish population is here in these districts sorry,folks), along with the Catholics with German and Italian and Puero Rico ancentry. We all live here--E Pluriubus Unum--just to live a peaceful life. more inportantly, the area should get its ranks back from the Bloomberg City Hall: it took roughly, 250 years to make New york city five boroughs and Bloomberg is trying to disenfranchise us in 8!