Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Forest Hills home to Queens' dirtiest restaurant

The "The Dirty Dozen" is part of New York State Senator Jeff Klein's report "Restaurants That Are Enough to Make You Sick: An Analysis of Unsanitary Conditions At New York City Restaurants."

If you're not interested in focusing only on the negative, Klein has also released "The Sparkling 12" - a list of the Big Apple's cleanest restaurants. 1/2 of these are in Queens.


italian girl said...

Primo Amore in Bayside - my favorite Italian Restaurant! The food is awesome. I've had a lot of parties there. They give you white-glove treatment. Gino, the owner, will always come out and greet everyone. Florio, the head waiter, is a class act.

Anonymous said...

who has money to eat out?

Anonymous said...

who has money to eat out?

I'll give you a hint - his initials are "AS".

Anonymous said...

"Cleanest restaurants," huh?

They know how to pay off the inspectors, probably.

Anonymous said...

Haute cuisine with maybe a few nose hairs in the quiche Lorraine?

Must have Bukharian help in the kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Primo expensive!

Bayside thinks they're Manhattan
when it comes to pricing eats.

You can get better, AND YES,
sometimes cheaper dining experiences just by crossing the East River.

We're often so parochial as Queens residents.

I've got a neighbor who proudly stated he hasn't taken the train to "the city" in over 20 years!