Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Illegal luxury basement living

The Times is on a roll this week:

Basement space that is below ground level is legally defined as “cellar space” in the city’s building code and deemed “uninhabitable” because it lacks natural light and ventilation. Cellar space cannot be sold or rented as a free-standing apartment or even as a bedroom, so floor plans label an apartment’s basement space as “accessory space at cellar level,” “recreation room,” or simply “storage.”

Unearthing Hidden Space

Because the space is not considered living space, the building code does not allow full bathrooms to be built in basements, so developers are building only half-baths.

But buyers often wind up renovating and create full baths and guest rooms or bedrooms, said Mr. Kliegerman of Halstead. “Although it’s not prescribed to be used that way, a couple might have a child and decide to use it as a dwelling area even though legally it’s not living space,” he said.

When it comes time to sell the property, the owners must market it as a one-bedroom with basement space, he said, “but other families will see it as a two-bedroom that’s selling for $150,000 less than a real two-bedroom, so why not? It’s an unwritten rule of thumb.”

You hear that Robert LiMandri? This guy just told you and your agency to go play with yourself. Go after his license.


Anonymous said...

Bob Li Mandri has been playing with himself along with public safety!

Who's gonna put the squeeze on him (particularly in Queens)
to do his job....
the KKK (Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks)?

They're some of the bastards that are making hay off of the DOB looking the other way!

Anonymous said...

This must be where the madam lives.

Her girls are out in the garage!

Anonymous said...

Nice looking fire trap!

italian girl said...

OMG. That basement looks like it belongs on a spaceship.

Anonymous said...

Dont you just love this?

Instead of a rat infested absestos laden sewer-backed up space, the NYT shows a beautiful image.

Typical? No, but its sends a message.

Now it talks about marketing this 'claiming ' that people cannot sell it as a two family.

Uh huh.

Will MAS or some other group fire off a letter of outrage?

Nah, remember, the chatting classes are landlords, and in good 19th century fashion are as often as not, slumlords.

Of course, not on their blocks. Oh no, its a hell of a lot easier to do something outragous (and illegal) in your backyard.

Yup, you heard it here first. We are accusing the 'leadership' of persrevation in NY as having a self interest in keeping quiet on the outrages in the real estate market.

They profit from it.

Anonymous said...

Jake LaCrapa, that stuttering dumbass attorney for former councilpervert Dennis Pee Gallagher would like to live here.

Anonymous said...

too bad there are no photos of the place after it rains, when the shower, that half bath, and the toilet backs up. Don't these people read the papers? In Queens the subway trains stops after a heavy rain. What to they think it will do to a cellar?

Really now, white is not such a good color to use when it will flood once every five weeks. Or when the leaks and mold start.

Will anyone be living in there? because they can expect that all their clothes, furniture and everything else will be dripped on and eventually ruined.

what if that tenant loses their job or gets ill from the conditions in the premises? There is most likely extreme mold, bad ventilation, killer asbestos and possibly Radon. The landlord will pay their lawyer who knows no judge will award back rent for a cellar or an attic. Already mentioned: basements and attics in the City of New York are not to be used as dwelling places.

Every year there are news stories about children and old people who die in fires in basement apartments. Ever see how the gates are welded onto basement windows?

How about when the Department of Finance for the City, NY State and the IRS finds out that the owners have not been paying taxes on that income?

the stories of people who have lived in such places, one or two family homes converted into apartment buildings illegally, are the worst harassment that I've heard of.

For starters there is always extreme problems with plumbing because a one family house was never meant to house and contain the flushing of so many toilets.
Turn off of water and electricity, threats of violence to a child with cancer, constant noise, illegal lock outs and a situation where an extended Pakistani family was brought in to menace a woman tenant with 2 terminally ill children. All of this done on purpose so the slumlord can continue generating untaxed income.

For the most part these landlords are from third world countries who are so surprised when they find out there are building codes and laws. Usually the native landlord will stop the nonsense after a while, but it is the immigrant who will keep up the harassment. Check the record in Queens housing court if you want an argument on this.

For all we know, the KKK - Krowleys Klubhouse Kooks, are owners/slumlords of such buildings. Or now that all our tvs are made in China, are in the last industry left in NYC, real estate.

Mile Mullin said...


faster340 said...

This basement is on 74th street in Manhattan. They let anything happen there. Manhattan is the golden land!! Try that in Queens or Brooklyn and some busy body would rat you out in a heart beat and DOB would be knocking on your door... Well maybe DOB wouldn't be knocking on your door cause we all know they don't do shit.

Anonymous said...

So Manton's millions
(not from the Irish Sweepstakes)
have passed to
Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks (KKK)
and this is the location of one of their newest clubhouses.

Better than those old smoke filled back rooms that these political Archie Bunkers are used to.

Nice and quiet below street level
to mask any dirty business that's being conducted...
with no windows for nosy DOI investigators to peer through.

And it's probably got a secret exit tunnel in case of a federal raid!

gknewyork said...

Creating a nice looking living space in YOUR home's lower level is perfectly normal. You posters must be mad about the urine drenched elevators you are riding in.

Owning a home is the "American Dream". Being able to purchase and renovate a home can be some of the happiest times a family can have. I have a question for you, who are YOU to speak of these people like some crooks?

You must get the story straight. Developing your basement space has NOTHING to do with rotten landlords.

I really think people should should worry about their jobs, children and families. If you really want to be that nosey neighbor no one likes then really worry about someone who poses and actual threat to your community.

Anonymous said...

Cellar apartments are illegal. Period. You Bukharians need to understand this. Maybe if a few of you burn to death in one of your illegal apartments, you'll come to understand this.

Anonymous said...

I was living btwn Nov and March. I did not know that basements were illegal until I started getting a hunch in Dec. I rented from people living in the basement who were also renting at the time. I went home for Christmas to visit family. The wk bfore Christmas my place was flooded and I had to go to a friend.

I was getting along w/ liveins until Feb. Things really started to escalate in March over various things including my lifestyle. The wife was superduper nosey about things and accusing of flushing nonflushable feminine products down the toilet. I wish that was the worst.

I got of accused of other things. In addition I preferred not to be home and if there was a reason to be out late I took advantage to stay out as long as I can. I drove my live-ins/landlord crazy with my schedule. The door was hard to open. I got suspicious about my lease and stuff when my live-ins gave me Hell about leaving for a month or 2. They would not hear of it. I took a long bus ride home and then came back and investigated where I was living. I learned it was illegal and a friend and I told the people that this was an illegal dwelling. I wonder if these people know since they did not like me going out at weird hrs. I moved back to where I was from since there was work available. I am still trying to get my deposit back. Do you have any idea on how to get the money back. I got a lawyer from a free legal clinic in Ohio. But he has yet to see the money.