Thursday, September 4, 2008

Allan Jennings just won't go away

Allan Jennings is making a political comeback.

The bizarre ex-City Councilman, who was censured for sexually harassing staffers, is challenging incumbent state Sen. Shirley Huntley in the upcoming primary on Sept. 9.

"The campaign is going well as far as we're concerned," said Jennings' spokesman, Priestly Taylor. "He's been endorsed by District Council 37."

Controversial candidate Allan Jennings back for more in senate race

Huntley is also baffled that a major union like DC 37 would endorse Jennings, who cost the city more than $300,000 to settle the harassment claims of staffers.

"How do you endorse someone publicly proven guilty of sexually harassing women?" said Huntley.

A DC 37 spokeperson responded that Huntley never came to them for an interview.

Well then you could have just sat it out.

This guy is like the annoying piece of crap that keeps coming back up no matter how many times you flush. But that's okay, the nutty incumbent intentionally put herself into foreclosure. This may be one of the areas of southeastern Queens that's still forced to drink contaminated well water...


Anonymous said...

What can we say.

Take the Queens delegration. Add up those 'in touble' - you know, Hevesi, etc

Compare this to the general population.

Anyone want to run some numbers?

Anonymous said...

This guy Jennings is a disgrace to have ever been on the city council. Right now he is embroiled in a nasty tenant dispute on a property that he obtained under suspicious circumstances. An older couple who lived at the address 130-39 126 Street is no longer seen there and Jennings is now there while doing constructing on his other house next door.