Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sunnyside's Roosevelt Avenue is going to get mighty crowded


Sunnyside Post

A small area around the 52nd Street train station has become a hot bed for development—and it is about to get a whole lot hotter.

Plans were filed last week for a 17-story, 90-unit complex at the corner of 51st Street and Roosevelt Ave., where the blue-colored J & Sons Supply building once stood.

The building would include six apartments per floor from floors three to 17. There would be ground floor commercial space, with the second floor used for mechanical and electrical purposes. The cellar would include parking and recreation space.

The plans include a stand-alone school, which would be four-stories tall, on the same site. The school is likely to be a private school, since the School Construction Authority said it is not working on bringing a public school to the site.

The plans are currently being reviewed by the Department of Buildings, including whether they meet existing zoning requirements.

Plans were filed in March for a six-story, 10-unit building at 52-16 Roosevelt Ave., a site mid-block between 52nd and 53rd Streets that once housed former Council Member Eric Gioia’s offices and a small shed next door. On the adjacent site, at the corner of 53rd and Roosevelt Avenue, a six-story building is being developed.

In addition, plans were filed in January for a seven-story, 40-unit complex at 51-24 Roosevelt Ave., where Nunziato Florists and Payag Restaurant were located.

Meanwhile, plans for a 5 story, 10-unit building at 52-22 Roosevelt Ave., where Adelita restaurant was formerly located, were filed in 2017.

Additionally, plans were filed last year for a six-story, 14-unit complex at 43-20 52nd St.
On Queens Boulevard, at 50-17 Queens Blvd (43-44 51st Street), plans have been filed for a nine-story, 75-unit building.


Charlie the Tuna said...

Cool! Make sure my apt is eye level with 7 train so I can sip my coffee and watch the sardines go by.

Anonymous said...

>The cellar would include parking and recreation space.

But how much parking space? There's zero street parking in the area already.

Anonymous said...

> But how much parking space? There's zero street parking in the area already.

Good thing the 7 train is literally right there.