Friday, July 1, 2016

Homeless take over Woodside parks

Sunnyside Post
From Sunnyside Post:

Several residents attended the 108 Police Precinct meeting in Sunnyside Tuesday to complain about a growing homeless problem in Windmuller and Doughboy parks.

Attendees claimed that there were homeless people hanging out near the bathrooms at Windmuller Park (located between Woodside Avenue and 39th Drive) and on the embankment of the adjacent Doughboy Park. Residents said that the homeless were using the bathrooms to keep themselves clean and were in there for an extended period of time. Some were concerned about the safety of children now that summer has begun and the pool at Windmuller has opened.

Captain John Travaglia, the commanding officer at the 108 Precinct, said that he had been getting phone calls about an older homeless lady and, separately, a younger man being there too.

Travaglia said that the police have stationed an officer by the pool and that should help. He said that being homeless is not a crime, although the police are able to ensure that they don’t go into a playground without a child.

Gennaro Massaro, who lives across the street from the park in Berkeley Towers, claimed that there was a lack of police around Windmuller in general and complained about teenagers smoking pot, drinking and noise from kids bouncing basketballs until 3 a.m.

He also said that many of the homeless are illegal immigrants and that it was not fair to US citizens. This led to some racial tension with other attendees.


(sarc) said...

Maybe they are part of an international Boy Scout troop...

Greg W said...

Boy the left have the script memorized. Someone mentions illegal immigration, immediately scream racism.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the left is to stupid to realize that "illegal" is not a race. MORONS

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck that stupid curfew. If you're not making noise or causing trouble, there's no reason citizens shouldn't be allowed in the parks at night. Thankfully it's one of the few idiotic laws the cops don't enforce.

Anonymous said...

Same sitution in almost every park in Jamaica/Jamaica Hills.
Rufus King Park, across from the multi-million dollar current conversion of the former Mary Immaculate Hospital to luxury rentals/condos, has a large 'homeless' contingent, many chronic alcholics: they eat, sleep, wash and defecate in the park (not necessarily in the often closed/out-of-service men's room).
And one can see this after a ~2 yr multi-million renovation/restoration of the park.
Before the Parks Dept installed the astroturf soccer field a few year back, the 'players' tore-up every available piece of green, including the beautifully-maintained lawn in front of King Manor.
As a temp solution, the placed huge boulders all over this lawn, but then basically gave into the 'demands' for a new field.
Go there on any Sat, Sun and look at the piles of shit: cups, cans, bottles, food containers, and yes, diapers: this is your new 'world order'.
I've asked myself for years why ICE agents don't just encircle the entire park one of these days, and arrest 95% of those present for being in the nation illegally.
That now is only a fantasy, a vision of a time - not that long ago - when there used to be some rule of law at work in a functioning nation. Not any more.
The only possible solution - and it will be years in the making - is if gentrification finally forces the garbage out of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Exactly!! send in Immigration to take them to their home countries where they would be so much more comfortable. No one mentioned any homeless advocacy group helping them. In the mix somewhere is a food truck or some mission for the homeless that comes around with socks, cooked food and what ever they need- keeping them close to these parks. These are they reasons why they chose this location. No one points out that these people could be convicted sex offenders or have violent criminal histories. As for them urinating and defecating in the open, you have our Mayor to thank for decriminalizing that. How about they all get bused to sleep in Carl Schurze Park near Gracie Mansion? See how DeBlasio's wife likes that.

Anonymous said...

§1-03 General Provisions:

*Persons may enter and use the parks from 6:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. unless other open hours are posted at any park.
*No person shall enter or remain in any park without the permission of the Commissioner when such park is closed to the public.

Anonymous said...

It's bad enough that we have our own shit people to deal with but we certainly don't need other countries shit people to deal with. Why aren't we deporting again? Oh yea that's right.....dumblasio and Cuomo.....pieces of useless trash! They both should be deported too!

Anonymous said...

There are homeless people using dozens of parks throughout Queens as their personal bathroom and bedroom. The total could conceivably be in the hundreds!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Milan and Parma, Italy, and I'm sure just about any other major European capital. Having traveled over to Italy last year, I was stunned by how many people had set up public camps all over in any small park. These weren't Syrians either. They looked South Asian and African.

Anonymous said...

walked by a line for a soup kitchen at a church on the Upper East Side. Majority on the line were men not American citizens. The South American day laborers were well represented. Frightening.

JQ LLC said...

"The South American day laborers were well represented."

Well the tower people, hipshits and foreign and american billionaires have to live somewhere and those towers and condos aren't going to build themselves. And who else are the predator developers going to hire now that 421a is kaput. You think they are going to hire people for living wages, look no further than that broke swindler Wolkoff.

The wrong people just keep winning.

"The only possible solution - and it will be years in the making - is if gentrification finally forces the garbage out of the neighborhood."

I got news for you, despite all the rampant development going on in the dirty southeast, the homeless and the dregs of society are not going to go away. In fact they are multiplying. The hotel saturation bombing of the area is going to take care of the unsightly mass of poverty, even street art and lux hotels in Queens (the Lorde) and Brooklyn (The BKLYN in bushiwck) are now housing the homeless and those places are not even a year old.

And these frivolous spending idiots that the real estate market and city government are catering too don't care about the surroundings. How else to explain the willingness to spend 2 to 3 grand to live near the Gowanus Canal or in high crime areas like Bed-stuy (Yes Hunter and Cassidy there are still gangs in NY) and even near Newton Creek.

This is not a rebutThis city is fucking spiraling down fast

JQ LLC said...

I mistaken the name of the hotel in Queens. It's the verve, like in the picture

If Samaritan Village is reading, that hotel I mentioned might exist.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We are not a nation of immigrants but a nation of citizens !
My citizenship is being diminished by NYC becoming a sanctuary city.