Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ridgewood rowhouse on steroids

What we have here is a 2-family house being "altered" into a 6 family house. A story is being added and units are being subdivided. This will no doubt look incredibly stupid when all is said and done. Plenty of complaints as well.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable zoning category -- R6B ... and you have to love the permit for raising all of the beams in the house!!

I think someone better look at the calculations for the sewer plans for all of those sprinklers being installed in this building.

JQ LLC said...

What's the plan here for this house? Usually one would assume it's for an expanding family resulting from breeding or immigration, and possibly as an aid for said types as the ability to afford an legitimate apt. is factually impossible. But from the looks of it, the braniacs that own this are looking to capitalize on the inexplicable hip interest and speculative market rate for dwelling in Ridgewood.

Anonymous said...

Expect to see a whole lot more of these illegal conversions, fellow Queens Crappers, what with corporate wage slavery and 'petrified paychecks' now reaching the 45-year mark, as well as a disappearance of American middle class jobs (and rapidly disappearing jobs altogether, as continued outsourcing, and now robots enter the mix to eliminate a formerly solid and stable workforce that now continues to DEVALUE and DEHUMANIZE our citizenry and the world), to ruinous effect!

But, is it any different, really, than what all crooked city council and Albany politicians have been doing for decades? Taking campaign money from greedy, sleazy developers (many of whom already have serious violations against them, or worse, a criminal history and jail time)?!

People need to eat and pay their bills, too---but, unlike the crooked political climate throughout a ravaged New York State, the owners of these illegal conversions are not looking to pocket a windfall, only enough to be able to meet the rising costs of ever climbing inflation for which their paychecks are not able to adequately compete, and to rig a way to live comfortably, exactly like all crooked-and-corrupt politicians themselves have figured out kibg ago how to LAWFULLY rig the system, without consequence!

As always, a fish stinks from the head!