Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Monday!

BQE Tractor Trailer Overturns:

MYFOXNY.COM - A tractor-trailer has overturned in Queens on the northbound BQE.

Debris litters the off-ramp to the Long Island Expressway.

There is no access to the LIE in either direction on the northbound BQE.

SkyFoxHD was over the scene where traffic was backed up for several miles.

14 comments: said...

Hahr-hahr-hahr. Wunderbar! Chust wunderbar. More fun denn der dree Stootches! Hahr-hahr-hahr.

Anonymous said...

I drove by that mes going the other way..

Anonymous said...

I drove by that mes going the other way..

Aren't you special? So special that you can leave an "s" off of mess.

georgetheatheist said...

Or in Meisurray:

"Ieeis dreeisive beeisy theeisat meeisess geeisoing theeis otheeiser weeisay." - Murray the "K"

Joe said...

You aint seen nothing yet
Obama is lobbing and bribing congress to pass this sneaky bill allowing millions of junky Mexican trucks and drivers on Americas roads in all 50 states. The bill gives them special protection too!! Only the DOT and not the police can inspect them or ticket & pull them off the roads if unsafe.
This is suicide !!

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

Aw, C'mon!!! This is suchy a stretch!

Anonymous said...

You won't need an accident to stop traffic.

There will be no reasonable access to any roads if those proposed new traffic ramps are ever built to accommodate the Willets Point development boondoggle.

It will be gridlock forever!

Anonymous said...

FU, Joe!

If you've got an Obama ax to grind show some intelligence (if you have any) park it elsewhere and keep on the subject.

WTF do Mexicans have to do with this particular situation?

What an "A" hole U R!

Anonymous said...

Obama, Obama, he's the sole cause of everything fucked up thing in the country.

Grow up you ignorant cracker.

Joe said...

Sheep: It has all to do with this subject.
Run down equipment compounded by lousy, drunk, confused drivers causes accidents.
We recently had people killed on a Atlantic City bus with a front end and tie rods so bad it was eating front tires every 6 weeks. Where was the DOT ?
How is the DOT to screen 100,000 Mexican trucks & drivers when they cant even inspect the shit on our roadways now ?

Obama's a jackass, its fact.

Next Obama will have his appointed czars at DOT telling us all highway, tunnel and bridge signs need to be in English and Spanish on local tax payers money
I personally don't want an 40 ton "inspected in Mexico" piece of shit on the LIE next to me and more then I need see "Ed Koch Bridge" in Spanish.
The local cops and highway patrol have layoff orders in this shitty deal,

Helen said...

Georgetheatheist ~

Submarine race-watcher ;-)

Helen said...

Joe ~

That was a very fine example of how ALL politics are "local".

Am hoping that our light bulb choices won't be taken away from us. We prefer the Edison-type incandescent over LED and those compact fluorescent things that seem to require a Hazmat team to dispose of.

Anonymous said...

Joe -

The last time that I saw anyone stretch like this was when I read "The Fantastic Four". Have you ever worked as a contortionist?

Anonymous said...

Oh please...."jerk off" Joe....what tiresome folly you bring forth.

Seen any little green men or Red Commies hiding under the bed lately?

Keep on puffin' whatever it is your smoking.