Tuesday, July 12, 2011

African burial site found at Maple Grove

From the Queens Chronicle:

After 10 months of research, a volunteer Queens historian has uncovered an African burial ground at a Kew Gardens cemetery.

Carl Ballenas last week announced the discovery after investigating a mysterious monument near the Lefferts Boulevard entrance to Maple Grove Cemetery. Armed only with the stone’s vague inscription — “Removals from church vaults at the corner of Prince and Marion streets New York, February 1877” — Ballenas, a social studies teacher who donates his time to Maple Grove, set out to determine the contents below the monument and the narrative behind it.

“It’s a phenomenal thing — history being brought to life here and it was right under our noses,” he noted with a laugh.

The monument is believed to be the marker of the burial site of 308 members of the First Colored Presbyterian Church, which was established in 1822 by the Rev. Samuel Cornish and more commonly known as the Shiloh Presbyterian Church. It was part of the Underground Railroad network of people and places that helped slaves escape, and relocated throughout Manhattan several times, including to a building at the corner of Prince and Marion streets, where it operated for nearly 30 years.

Ballenas said that according to Maple Grove’s interment records, in 1877, the church’s burial vaults were moved to the Queens cemetery, which was just two years old at the time. “Note — Int. 29 — 308 removals from the Presbyt. Ch. Vault New York City, corner of Prince and Marion St.,” reads a note in the 1877 interment ledger.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again....some more of that old "Black" magic.

Who'll be the first politician to request a $60,000 study of this site be done?

Selective pandering adds up to a lot of votes.

Meanwhile landmark Bowne House and the Steinway Mansion rot.

Maybe both of these houses should discover an old African burial site on their grounds.

Anonymous said...

There's a soon to be burial ground right here in Flushing. After these big real estate jews and chinese business moguls get done with the Macedonia AME Church you might as well call it a burial ground.

Cav said...

That monument doesn't look that mysterious. Obviously it's a potter's field for unclaimed or unidentified remains that were relocated from the church vault.

The tenants of these sites tend to be quite a mixed bunch, not necessairly all or even mostly African.

Anonymous said...

Oh....Macedonia is in on it all.

They remain polite and quiet as long they get their own project built.

Can't fully blame them though.
African Americans are used to begging for any scraps they can get....especially in Flushing.

And the current pastor of AME used to work for a big construction firm.
That was revealed at CB 7's public hearing.

Anonymous said...

And all of these conclusions drawn from a very bland newspaper article!!!

Joe said...

Maybe both of these houses should discover an old African burial site on their grounds
It wouldn't make a difference. St.Saviors had graves. As teens we would go in there with our girlfriends to hangout and party (we never left litter BTW) I saw writings on these flat stones a priest even came out of the house across the street scolding and showing us.

Somehow all the head markers disappeared and what ever was in the ground had long disintegrated. (simple peg & pine boxes back those days)
What ever was left went to the landfill with the trees & roots with an inspector nowhere in sight.
The city's Dem ZOG pols don't give a "F" about the past or its heritage...only the quest for more money and power

Anonymous said...

nice of you to tell us about your thinking with this ZOG BS, Joe.