Friday, January 1, 2010

Will Quinn limit lulus?

From the Daily News:

Heading into her second term as speaker of the 51-member City Council, Christine Quinn is weighing whether to - Gasp! - eliminate some of its multitude of committees and subcommittees.

...she recently told the Daily News, "The whole committee structure is something we're looking at, and I haven't made any decision on it yet."

In deciding, Quinn has had to weigh both internal Council politics and the county Democratic leaders, as well as lobbying from pressure groups, ranging from Mayor Bloomberg to unions, tenant groups, gay-rights activists and big donors. Most returning incumbents will keep their chairs, or get to head even better committees. But there are a dozen vacant committee chairs because 13 incumbents are not returning.

The two most-coveted vacant committee chairs are for the Finance and Land Use Committees, which each carry a $18,000 lulu, plus clout over budget and zoning matters. The posts were vacated by David Weprin and Melinda Katz, both Queens Democrats who lost bids for controller.

Council sources said the Land Use chair will likely go to Leroy Comrie of Queens - a bow to the clout of the Queens Democratic organization and the fact that white Council members are now in the minority. Comrie is African-American. The Finance chair will likely shift to either Lew Fidler, Domenic Recchia or Simcha Felder, all from Brooklyn, to help Quinn make peace with Brooklyn Democratic leader Vito Lopez.


Anonymous said...

Why do we even need a City Council?

Anonymous said...

The City Council is useless. More politicians who make more shady deals to screw New Yorkers. The city is in a financial bind. Dump all of them. It will save us money and will lessen all these under-the-table deals with developers to screw us over. It will also cut down on overdevelopment. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. We did without them before and the city was a better place to live in.

stinky said...

Do without the LuLus - eliminate this entirely - in fact abolish it for the City Charter and restore 2 term limits that can never be changed.

Anonymous said...

Let's start by getting rid of Quinn as speaker. She gets the highest amount in lulus. If she's serious about limiting them, then she should step down as speaker. She made her money and she's ineffective anyway.

Suzannah B. Troy said...
watch this -- her head can't be any lower as people chant no third term
Disgusted with corrupt Christine Quinn....she is going to now make sure city council members actually live in their district!