Saturday, January 2, 2010

Whitestone con man canned

From the NY Post:

An alleged grifter from Queens with fake identities ranging from motocross champ to war vet to record producer was arrested in Southampton, LI, this week on a Florida warrant.

Robert Schnepf, 35, is also under investigation by the NYPD for attracting women by fabricating accomplishments and for bilking them out of money before vanishing.

His alleged victims have even coined a phrase to describe their experience with the Whitestone man -- "getting Schnepfed."

Southampton cops targeted the 6-foot-6 scam suspect this week after getting reports that he was passing himself off as a struggling veteran and milking sympathetic marks for free food and lodging in the area.

Schnepf was arrested on Monday after a computer check revealed a Florida warrant on a burglary rap from April 2008. He is awaiting extradition.

Several of the women told The Post that Schnepf, a native of Forest Hills, would present himself as a fat cat in need of administrative assistance. He claimed business partnerships with everyone from R&B star Rihanna to Heineken and even gave an October speech at a Staten Island domestic-violence shelter after promising to build it a $3.5 million facility.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that this being an English speaking white man, and possibly a queens native, that there are no comments yet for this item!! HAH!! Can't help but wonder how many dozen comments there would be if the dude were black, hispanic, or god forbid Asian!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting coming from a master baiting troll!

Anonymous said...

This guy has been a wife beating womanizer wanna be for years! Hopefully by not he has been caught and is paying for his crimes.

Anonymous said...

he is now with a girl by the name of monica who he has brainwashed , having her believe that he is going to marry her , and promising to take her to greece for their honeymoon she no longer speaks with her family all because of this deutchbag

Anonymous said...

Monica will be the next lol so Sad....I actually was involved with Rob for two years....I was told he was Geraldine Ferraros son ahahah....He in the beginning tried the same shit this way, but as soon as he knew I wasn't havin it, he whistled a different tune....Rob actually was good to me believe it or not...he took me places, bought me expensive things, was nice....I stopped seeing him, and we remained friends for a little while, as we had a lot of the same friends. These stories do NOT surprise me, especially the professional cycler part ahahah yeah he ok, at that time, he was trying to find someone to co sign a loan for him...after I left him, he DID find some poor schmuck to do it....Rob tried on MANY occasions to get me back, but thank God I wanted no part of it.....Sorry for all the girls that were scammed...He was the opposite with me.