Thursday, January 14, 2010

Was last year's election a total sham?

From the Village Voice:

If voters had a vague sense that this was a mirage of a mayoral election, what follows is a damning set of facts that shows that these two supposed opponents were actually far more connected than we ever knew. They shared a very personal and subterranean agenda, the funding of a project dear to Thompson's heart. Remarkably, Bloomberg continued pouring new money into a project that benefited Thompson even in the heat of the campaign. It is a connection begging for explanation, but Thompson would not answer virtually any of the post-election questions posed by the Voice.

Stranger still, Bloomberg's press managers refused to provide any public information about that project—a museum—in the lead-up to the election, prompting me to tell the mayor's press secretary, Stu Loeser, that he was more helpful when I was writing an exposé about the mayor than when I was reporting on the mayor's opponent. Since November, however, the city agencies that once stonewalled me have piled public papers on my desk.

Here, then, is the story about Bill Thompson that Mike Bloomberg didn't want you to know when he was running against him.

It starts with a single, unsettling fact: The mayor has directed or triggered between $43 million and $51 million in public and personal subsidies into a museum project led by Thompson's current wife and longtime companion, Elsie McCabe-Thompson, dumping $2 million of additional city funding into it as late as September 30, in the middle of the mayoral campaign.


Anonymous said...

Y E S ! ! !

Anonymous said...

You have to lay a good blame on the door of the preservation community for not supporting Tony.

An opportunity was presented on a platter.

Instead, the landmarked areas, you know, those designated places supported by our working class taxes paid by people of color,

those places where the white rich architects and bankers financing development live and

where builder/developers live and

employers/exploiters of immigrants dumped in Queens live,

chose to turn their back on the rest of us in the city and support Bloomberg.

Baby, its Payback Time.

Any developers ready to challenge the Landmarks Law?

I want to see shit human warehouseses built on 5th Avenue.

I want to see Crap built in Brooklyn Heights.

I want to see eyesore barracks on Central Park West.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Are you saying that Thompson threw the race for a bag of money and an offshore bank account?

I would believe it. His campaign was run very badly. Acorn and Working Family Party drones lost the mayoral race for Bill.

Anonymous said...

Heres an article worth checking out rather than crying about four people in Acorn when you dont acknowledge John Ellis in elections and Roger Ailes.

Tom Robbins
Gunning for the Working Families Party
Landlords, lawyers fire at will
By Tom Robbins
Tuesday, January 12th

Queens Crapper said...

4 people in ACORN?

Do you realize they are the "voice of the community" in support of the Atlantic Yards project? They were bought.

Queens Crapper said...

More ACORN shenanigans: Rose Treasurer Claims Others Wrote CFB Affidavits For Him