Friday, January 1, 2010

Suzannah B. Troy at the inauguration

"Forced to first I was singled out and I asked the NYPD why. There is a very small crowd -- no harm is being done. I yelled once...then we were all made to move.

I was again singled out as a protestor and got a private escort of 2 NYPD officers - one who attempted to make me shut off my video camera but the more senior one told him I was with in my rights -- THANK GOODNESS HE KNEW THE LAW! Then I saw 2 very senior NYPD officers and implored them to not make me walk all the way down so far away to protest and they said that I did not have to as long as I was across the street."

"I screamed very loudly Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn are corrupt before John Liu spoke and than I had to go I was so cold."


georgetheatheist said...

"The voice of one crying in the wilderness." - Matthew 3:3

Anonymous said...

"It's a frozen area." Just like the Great Lawn, just like Times Square. Give us a break, NYPD. They're unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

people, why is this woman by herself????

umm, well, where are the young people and the arts community, you know, that group that is supposed to revitalize the slums we live in (long island city) or work in (willets point)

no where. no where at all.

Anonymous said...

Frozen my ass.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Above is the playlist of 5 YouTubes from the inauguration and I did not get footage of me screaming at Quinn. She heard me and that was before the area was suddenly designated "frozen".

Note: In one YouTube I talk about Steve Rattner who I was protesting as well, Mike's money manager, possible the owner of the new york times and the owner of the new york daily news money manager as well who's company Quadrangle was implicated in the pension scandals and backed Mike's corrupt 3rd term.

There were protestors -- housing activists on the othe side of City Hall.

I was being escorted off to some far, far away street where who knows there may have been other protestors but this amazing guy Neil stood by me and also courageously spoke to the NYPD on my behalf told me about the power of the organized protests that drowned out the Giuliani inauguration; if only yesterday was like that because it was one of the saddest days in the history of New York City to witness democracy flushed down the toilet. Christine Quinn and every city council member that voted to extend term limits aided Bloomberg in stealing the election.

The two senior NYPD officers I asked for help did good and they allowed me to be an American.

Thanks to Neil and the photographer that acted as a buffer and the photographer got amazing photos of me holding my poster and being surrounded by the police but I am sure no newspaper will carry any protests or the striking photos.

Mike Bloomberg owns the media and or the media moguls/real estate magnates work in concert.

Nov. 3, 10:00 the media was forced to go off script and report the news...the truth finally and now we are back to Orwellian blinders to thanks Queens crap for posting.

Thank to the commentors....deeply moving.

I am exhausted and my throat is killing me.

To read your comments this morning was deeply moving.

Thanks and gratitude with New York attitude.


Anonymous said...

Rufusing an order from a cop to move (or not to move) is the equivalent of wearing a sign "Hey! I'm stupid. Arrest Me."

Queens Crapper said...

She didn't refuse moron.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Thanks about explaining the flags at half-staff honoring Percy Sutton. I thought the flags at half-staff were in memory of democracy.

Read more:

Thanks for defending me Queens Crap. Anonymous labeled me "stupid" and it sounds like "he" is describing his misogynist self.

The NYPD is criticized for many things and one concern is abuse of power. This is a democracy and the NYPD are suppose to protect and serve us.

I have had letters published in The New York Times asking for a raise for the NYPD and my letter "Betrayal at Ground Zero" in The Wall St. Journal asks the FDNY, NYPD, PAPD and EMS that died in the line of duty be honored at the WTC.

Anonymous can visit my jacket with an NYPD patch on it along with other rescue workers when the Sept. 11 Museum opens. I really did not think the jacket would merit attention based on the heartbreaking pieces they have but they showed my jacket to visitors that were deeply moved.

I am extremely tired and my eyes are bothering me big time. I won't be re-visiting the comment section but if we as citizens and tax payers can't ask the NYPD questions that it makes a lot of sense China owns a big part of trillions of dollars of debt. Even an ignorant commentor like stupid most know about China's track record on human rights.

Not only did I ask the NYPD officers pictured in the video questions but I asked officers far more senior and they answered my question and allowed me to return to my location but across the street so it was a smart action as proved by the video I posted.

Does the NYPD want to go that route? The NYPD has had too many tragedies on duty and also officers behaving like criminals including the alleged rape cops and an off duty NYPD officer that shoots a young man and than leaves the scene which is unforgivable. Questioning the NYPD's actions is not stupidity.

I am writing Commissioner Kelly with suggestions and thoughts to prevent such a horrible thought.

What Mike Bloomberg did was criminal, dishonest and unethical. Even Joyce Purnick's bio on him admits he could have given us a referendum and she believed he purposefully did not because he wasn't confident he get enough votes to win a third term but with that slushy city council he was confident.

Thanks and gratitude to Queens Crap,
best to you,

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there weren't more protesters.

Charles Barron was missing, but hey- he's the hypocrite who ran for a third term after opposing the term limits repeal.

kingofnycabbies said...

I exited the City Hall station at exactly noon on Friday, on my way to J&R, and was surprised to see nobody present outside the Fortress Bloomberga compound. I guess when Mike stops paying people, the support shrivels up.

I did enjoy hearing the schlock band hired for the occasion play Smokey Robinson's "The Tears Of A Clown" to kick off the proceedings. Must have been in honor of Mayor McChee$e's reaction to his $25M per margin-of-victory points.