Friday, January 8, 2010

Student MetroCards will still be funded

From the Daily News:

Relax kids: A key state legislator all but guaranteed Thursday that students will not lose free or discounted MetroCards.

"We're going to deal with that in a timely way ... and we're very confident there's going to be a good outcome," said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, flanked by two other members of the State Assembly during a break in a hearing on MTA finances.

The MTA board last month voted to end the student MetroCard program after Gov. Paterson and the state Legislature -- dealing with their own budget woes -- slashed funding.

Despite that cut, Brodsky said paying for student travel should be the state and city's responsibility.

The city currently contributes $45 million. The state contributed $45 million in 2008 but only $6 million last year.


Anonymous said...

Well, so we can cut nothing in NY state to reduce the budget deficit? Nothing at all?

Anonymous said...

thank god for small favors!! do you think they had to think this one over really hard? if they didn't give the free metro cards then they would have pay for the schools buses.. we don't live upstate! oh and where does all the lottery money go? millions is suppose to go to schools, how does that work?