Friday, January 1, 2010

Sneak peak at Bloomberg inauguration speech

From the NY Times:

Thank you very much and Happy New Year. Muchas gracias y Feliz Año Nuevo.

Here we are on yet another inauguration day. The last time we did this, none of you thought you’d see me standing here again, did you? Come on, you can admit it.

To get down to brass tacks, I want to thank the 29 council members who had the courage to extend term limits and make it possible for me and for them to run for office once more. It wasn’t easy. Self-interest is never easy. You have to put up with a lot of guff from the quibblers and professional crepe hangers. Those brave council members — one of whom, sad to say, is a convicted crook on his way to jail — didn’t blink.

Let me get this out in the open for this one time only. I know that many New Yorkers were disappointed with how I reversed everything that I’d said for years about the sanctity of term limits. I owe them an explanation. I know that the election was close in part because of this issue. It was a tough campaign. I knew it would be. Why else do you think I spent more than $100 million of my own money getting re-elected? I mean, come on!

But we need problem-solving, not ideology. And I really had a problem.

What was I supposed to do? Leave office and sit around some foundation signing checks all day? Wait for my once-a-year invitation to Davos? I mean, come on! Any billionaire can wangle an invite to Davos. But would I have been given the chance to speak at that conference in Copenhagen a few weeks ago or go on “Meet the Press” or get a shout-out from President Obama if I were just another rich guy and not the mayor of New York? No ways.

You know the old saying “When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window”? Well, God provided. The economy fell apart, thank God. I had the excuse I needed to change the election rules without asking the voters what they thought. I mean, come on! Who knows the buck better than me?

Here he is making bad jokes and acknowledging the beliefs of atheists then talking about "God's planet".



Anonymous said...

No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!No Fourth Term!!!

King Bloomturd said...

It's good to be king!

stinky said...

It's good to be king! oh no, he's now attained Emperor of NYC!

I am afraid for all of us that 3 times is the charm will not be a good charm for him or us.

Anonymous said...

He won by the narrowest of hair margins in spite of out-spending his opponent 10 times. That tells you something right there. All of you who sat out the last election put him there.

Anonymous said...

He has a reason to do a 3rd term... a secret, maybe financial, political or an incomplete project that he is doing reason, that we all don't know. Why else will anyone use a lot of money for campaigning and whatnot in attempt to break the term limits and wants to do a 3rd term. I mean does he really like to run the city that much.

Joe said...

He was slurring his words and appeared incoherent on Channel 4 New Years Eve live TV coverage.
This was minutes before the ball dropped.
Drunk, Stoned, Flu ?
I'm going with drunk

Anonymous said...

He was talking like he was drunk. Surprised the media didn't comment on it.

Oh no, wait, actually I'm not surprised.

Joe said...

He was totally wasted.
I have been looking on line and cant find a peep of it anywhere. His army of PR&press people must have shifted into overdrive.
Hopefully somebody had a DVR will put it on You Tube its gonna be priceless.

This guy has some balls ! He bans freezing people from having Brandy in paper cups yet shows up like Willy Lump-Lump.
(The drunk played by Red Slekton)

Anonymous said...

I know, I've been looking too. Can't find it.

Bloomlush will be his new name. Ugly and drunk. How does he go through life like that?

Anonymous said...

Third term = turd term!

Anonymous said...

was that Mike McSweeney or a whale ? What a fat disguting pig. Vito Lopez has nothing to worry about. That fat pig will have a heart attack by the end of the year.

Anonymous said...

The inmates are running the asylum.