Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Run, Steve, run!

From 1010WINS:

Steve Levy, a suburban politician whose opposition to illegal immigration has brought him national attention, said Sunday he was weighing a primary challenge to Gov. David Paterson.

Levy, the Suffolk County executive, said he had formed an exploratory committee, creating the potential for a three-way race to lead the Democratic Party's state ticket.

Levy was elected as Suffolk County's executive in 2003 after serving in the state Assembly. He was elected to the Suffolk County Legislature in 1985.

Levy signed a law that required contractors doing business with the county to certify their employees are in the country legally. He also supported efforts to get day laborers off street corners and backed doing raids aimed at overcrowded houses where Latino workers live with their families.

He is co-founder of a national group called Mayors and Executives for Immigration Reform.

Levy has raised nearly $4 million for his possible campaign, according to the most recent campaign finance reports filed in July.


Joe said...

Levy KICKS ASS and does what he says. Ask any homeowner from Suffolk county.
Steve takes out the trash !


Anonymous said...

I'd vote for him.....

Lino said...

This is a -suburban- candidate, just like Lazio (Loosieo) The vast majority of Democratic primary voters are NYC residents.

He should save his money for his local re-election campaign.

Kevin Walsh said...

Does Rangel know about this? According to him, white candidates are not to challenge black incumbents.

Auntie Invasion said...

would he stop the illegal immigrants from using Harts Playground as their personal bathroom and feeding station?

would this mean no more Mexican, South American men standing on street corners taking jobs away from Americans?

anyone ever notice how there are no women in the mix? and no Blacks?

I guess the women are home creating the jack pot babies and are at the welfare office claiming that the baby has no father.

Anonymous said...

winning the democratic primary in dist.19,sure did not help the loser Kevin "dukin donuts"Kim.

the electorate might continue to listen to AM radio,and vote the "right way" in 2010.

no illegal alien amnesty =less taxes wasted by the democrats. but their agenda is more spending and higher taxes. forget the unemployed a shape up hall for the illegals.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is the one issue Levy is good on. Otherwise, he's the same liberal Democrat as everyone else in the state.