Friday, January 15, 2010

Newtown Creek community health project

Dear Queens Crap,

My name is Andrea Muraskin and I am an intern at The Newtown Creek Community Health & Harm Narratives Project (CHHNP). The CHHNP is a non-profit community-based public health initiative which aims to document the public health concerns of both current and former residents of three Newtown Creek neighborhoods: Greenpoint, East Williamsburg and Maspeth. I was wondering if you'd be able to post some information about our study on the blog. I have attached a flier and included some media links at the bottom of this email.

Once residents' narratives have been collected, they will be analyzed and common themes will be highlighted and compared with known area-specific environmental hazards. Using the information generated during analysis, a community-developed final report will summarize the findings and place the results in historical, social, environmental, and political context. They will also be available in written and audio format on the website

We are wrapping up our study in the coming months but we are still very much interested in speaking to new participants.

Media Links
Television: Brooklyn Community Access Television
Radio: Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC (considering Riverkeeper's lawsuit in Newtown Creek, not affiliated with our study)
Blog: New York League of Conservation Voters Ecopolitics Daily Blog

Andrea Muraskin
Outreach Intern, CHHNP

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Anonymous said...

Some of these entire towns should be bulldozed and turned into parks. I would never live in some of these areas. Cancer takes time to work its magic. Years later we will see the folly of living in areas live Maspeth.