Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Coney Island Boardwalk already falling apart

From the Daily News:

Newly rebuilt chunks of the famed Coney Island Boardwalk are already starting to fall apart, advocates said.

On the stretch of the Boardwalk fronting Coney's amusement area, where the Parks Department finished installing new planks last spring, there are now screws popping out of their holes and planks coming loose and protruding.

"It's not even a year old, and we're right back to square one," said Todd Dobrin, chairperson of Friends of the Boardwalk.

The new planks are part of a $30 million project to rebuild 15 blocks of the fabled 42-block stretch.

Dobrin said he "expected that with all the money they're spending with planning and architecture...that the plan was foolproof."

"Something is wrong, and we need to find it out now before we waste all our resources on something that needs to be done again," he said.

So far, the city has spent $5 million on the project.


faster340 said...

That's because the materials of today suck compared to the old materials used.

Today material is cheap and cheaply made and labor is VERY expensive so I believe corners are cut on material so they can pay for the labor! But, after some of the labor I have seen they should have cut the costs on that first!!!!

Anonymous said...

Another great project that's under the Recchia/Markowitz watch!
How incompetent are these elected officials.You can put this fiasco of the Boardwalk Project with The Markowitz/Recchia Parachute Jump Lighting Project / FAILURE !( Cost taxpayers over $10 million) In addition put the Rezoning of Coney Island Markowitz/ Recchia plan..Failure.(Overpaid for Joe Sitt's Land) You might as well put the Markowitz/ Recchia AMPHITHEATER project in FAILURE BOX TOO !( This fiasco will cost the taxpayer over $ 64 million dollars)
Keep wasting taxpayers monies... this is your destiny... The Markowitz/Recchia Plans.

CntrySigns said...

We alway reward the lowest bidder and never require a guarantee of work. In some European countries if work is done the company has to guarantee it won't fall apart, and if it does, they have to come in and fix it for free until that contract is up. In the US we hire the lowest bidder and then hope that it doesn't fall apart while they are still in office or a part of the project.

You get what you pay for.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

That is true about most of the tsunami of community crushing development pushed through under king Mike and socialite mega million the worst city planner Amanda the people's Burden.

Ridgewoodian said...

I was riding my bike on the boardwalk one day last summer. My front wheel got caught in the gap between two planks. The wheel stopped but the rest of the bike didn't, nor did I. Next thing I knew, even though I hadn't been going very fast, I was flying over my handlebars.

Amazingly, I wasn't killed. After I dusted myself off a Ukranian couple sitting nearby told me I was the fifth person they had seen do that just that day.

I don't know if it was a new section of boardwalk or old, but something has to be done down there.

Auntie Invasion said...

I think he's hot. he can catch me anytime I fall through the boardwalk