Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's the overdevelopment, stupid!

From the Daily News:

With dozens of stores offering everything from fresh fish and produce to clothing, electronics and jewelry, downtown Flushing is a shopper's paradise.

But the parking is a nightmare.

The Main St., Kissena Blvd., Roosevelt Ave. and Northern Blvd. area is served by more than a dozen bus lines, the busy No. 7 train and the Long Island Rail Road.

Add to that thousands of people who pass through the doors of the Queens Public Library and the busy Flushing Post Office.

It's enough to send a shopper scurrying to Bay Terrace.

"I have had customers call who say they can't come to the stores because there is no parking," said newly elected City Councilman Peter Koo, who owns several drugstores in the area.

The massive municipal parking lot off Union St. is little help, Koo said.

"There are 1,000 spots reserved for commuters," he said. "They drive here and go to work. We need more one- and two- hour spots for shoppers."

The problems aren't limited to shoppers. Within a 1-mile radius of downtown Flushing, including Sanford Ave. and Bowne St., there are many tall apartment buildings. Many of the single-family homes have been knocked down and then replaced with multifamily dwellings.

And now there is lack of parking? Who could have foreseen this?


Anonymous said...

With dozens of stores offering everything from fresh fish and produce to clothing, electronics and jewelry, downtown Flushing is a shopper's paradise.

For Christ sake, enough already! Even the freakin peasants in USSR stopped believing Communist propaganda decades ago and those people lived in isolation behind the Iron Curtain.

The place is a crowded filthy slum. Its a nightmare of poor planning and is a poster child for bringing back a discredited program: urban renewal.

Get over it and stop feeding the American public bullshit.

Anonymous said...

the Flushing leaders can begin with stopping the erection of the 17 million dollar high rise "medical center", with dwellings,to be built at 42-31 Union Street. it is too congested a location for such a large building.

the site used to be a one story dental building with parking for about 30 cars.

was this obama stimulus money ,stolen from the U.S. citizens ?

Anonymous said...

How about not developing the parking lot into a hotel and apartments and instead turn it into an even bigger parking lot!

Anonymous said...

It's only going to get worse with the completion of the BJ's and skyview parc. And why couldn't they spell park right?

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's the cheap parking. Raise parking rates.

Anonymous said...

And yet, amid the overdevelopment, Caldor's and RKO Keiths remain vacant.

Anonymous said...

Well Anonymous.. the fish in Flushing is pretty good...

Put a parking lot where Caldor is and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should move some of those businesses up Northern Boulevard around Murray street and 162nd street. The korean mafia might be upset if you do this.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should move some of those businesses up Northern Boulevard


Indeed. Korean BBQ after Korean BBQ isn't really appealing to anyone but Koreans and a miniscule minority. A jazz club or a decent pub/lounge. I know town hall has a jazz/latin night but it's really a family thing as oppossed to a social gathering.

RIP Flushing.

georgetheatheist said...

Hitch a Flexible Flyer to a Segway and all your problems are solved.

Anonymous said...

paradise? flushing?


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it the "little duke" of Wellington Chen who once proclaimed that Flushing didn't need parking and that shoppers would come on foot?

And what does "up" Chuck Aprlian have to say?

CB#7 has been approving new development at record speed!

Give this community board a good enema!

Anonymous said...

about it Councilman Koo!

You're in charge now!

Koo sat by in the past but now that his "Starside" drug stores might lose business...he becomes interested PDQ!


Only Asians used to living ass to cheek will tolerate this kind of congestion!

So good luck and golden opportunities (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

I live in Downtown Flushing myself. I don't own a car, but I live with someone disabled who needs a home health aid to come daily. Typically, said aid is always anywhere from 30-minutes to 2-hours late due to lack of parking.

It's terrible!

Anonymous said...

If you want to know wht CB7 is kowtowing to developers, check Kelty and Apelian's pockets!!!

Anonymous said...

"....downtown Flushing is a shopper's paradise" PARADISE LOST!

Joltin' Joe said...

Whenever I hear people complaining about Flushing, it reminds me of the Yogi Berra saying

"Nobody goes there anymore. It's always crowded!"

Anonymous said...

Floo-Ching...a destination of desperate choice...a ghetto where overcrowding, filth and mono-culturalism thrives!

Thank you Myra Baird Herce & Company. Or should it be more properly spelled H-E-A-R-S-E?

Bury it already. It's dead and stinking. CB#7 is its undertaker!

Urban renewal is definitely the answer.

Raze Main St. from the Queens Botanical Gardens to the RKO Keith's!

Then maybe you might attract other than low class unsanitary Chinese & Taiwanese immigrants!

No higher class people from other parts of the world want to live next to Asians.

They're arrogant and exclusionary and bring down property values over the long run.

But in the meantime Asians have managed to over inflate rents beyond what any sane businessman (other than an Asian) would pay.

Bayside Boy said...

Flushing is a cesspool. But the Asian community is going to move, mark my words. Right down Northern Blvd. Bayside and Little Neck are next. Don't believe me? Take a drive down northern and loot at all the asian Businesses in between the Clearview and the Cross Island. Nothing is wrong with a little diversity; but these new businesses are exclusionary by their very appearance have made it abundantly clear that they do not want the business of the entrenched community.

This isn't a community looking to integrate. It is a community looking to coexist at the meanest levels and maintain a separate identity at all others. It offends the sensibilities of those who live in a culture that willingly gave away some of its identity to join American culture. There is no nice, happy solution. The Flushing community will not one day want to assimilate, nor should they be expected to. The solutions to "maintaining the traditional neighborhoods" are racist and ugly and oft times illegal. I won't go into them but I'm sure you can imagine them.

Anonymous said...

Uh...check the city property records..Bayside Boy.

Quite a lot of those Asian businesses DON'T OWN the buildings that their businesses are located in.

And update your info.

They're already out as far as Manhasset!

What they want is to use Northern Blv'd. as a corridor to Long Island...which will be their final destination.

Land is cheaper out there and the townships' local governments will encourage Asians to settle in so they can oust a lot of those "pesky" minority groups (Blacks & Latinos) that are bringing down real estate values.

That was the unspoken plan for Flushing.

Shouldn't we be asking Myra Baird Herce, CB#7 & friends if that was their intent?

As in..."We don't want the wrong element here"...or "Thank God for the Asians".

Babs said...

Joe said: "Whenever I hear people complaining about Flushing, it reminds me of the Yogi Berra saying
"Nobody goes there anymore. It's always crowded!"

I never heard this one before - I LOVE IT!!

Anyway - all I want to say is - thank goodness for Bay Terrace!

Anonymous said...

all your comments are stupid and unstatistically backed up!

The Asian residents will not move towards long island because there is no subway. if you look at most congested locations in queens, it's because its proximity to a subway station. the convenience of the cheap transportation is what lures people to residence.

further, Asians move next to each other because they can communicate with each other when they come from their motherland. that's what happened with chinatown in the city. and that's exactly why there are so many other nonasian immigrant enclaves throughout the whole city. Immigrants move to a place where people speak their home language. they feel safe and comfortable. that's pure history of this country!

Flushing is not going anywhere! it's only going to get bigger and more economically powered. this is America. if you don't like what you see, don't watch or go near it. you have that freedom.

Everyone that makes negative comments about any race of people are just plain jealous because they can't do it themselves. the people that are making money in life could care less about venting their jealous rages on websites! Holla at me!

Queenz for life!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, whenever someone complains about the behavior of people, it must be because they're jealous. Yes, I wish I could spit on the sidewalk, pour grease down the sewers and live like a pig in an overcrowded slum.

And if you didn't care what people had to say about you on the internet, you wouldn't respond.