Saturday, January 9, 2010

Illegal apartments in Hoboken


Hoboken City Council listened to residents who had opinions on the resolution calling for a plan to eliminate illegal apartments and unregistered dwelling units for safety and welfare of city residents.

Second Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason cited fire incidents in North Bergen and other neighborhing towns and illegal Second Ward apartments in urging that this is a serious problem right now.

Sixth Ward Councilman Giacchi Nino said that overcrowding with school and parking are more immediate issues than the illegal apartment situation. But it something that needs to be revisited.

Earth to Nino: Illegal apartments = overcrowding with school and parking.


Missing Foundation said...

Nino expresses two prime tenets of the tweeding hack:

1. Move attention away from the real cause, your friendly tweeded that support you, and

2. The public, focused on their kids, the rent, American Idol, will not take that tiny step and connect the dots.

For example, if we look at upzoning a community for more people, and train service is cut back or the local utility is inept, you don't discuss both issues in one sentence - or indeed - the same day.

The lapdog press, hungry for your holiday ads and the feeding frenzy on real estate ads, will always give you a pass.

Miles Mullin said...

Maybe someone involved in media can explain this to me:

Why is it,

New Jersey, often portrayed as a laughing stock, seems to be savvier on tweeding stunts and more aggressive on crooked politicians?

While New York, which fancies itself a place of such sassy cleaver people,

seems to be a turkey shoot of clueless blockheads falling for every stunt by the clubhouse?