Wednesday, January 13, 2010

DOB takes no blame for building collapse

From Brownstoner:

The Dept. of Buildings issued a report on the factors that led to the collapse of 493 Myrtle Avenue in June, according to The Local. The D.O.B. is pinning the blame on four things: The haphazard way the basement level of a vacant lot east of the site was filled several years ago; the fact that 493 Myrtle's owner didn't fix a crack in the building; contractors doing crappy work and weakening the building; and heavy rain making "the dirt in the vacant lot next to 493 much heavier, further increasing the lateral load on the basement wall of 493." Meanwhile, the DOB is saying that it didn't do anything wrong by not ordering the evacuation of the building...


ceiling on my head lady said...

Look for that building to be available for rent in the near future--specifically featured will be its huge skylights, fresh air and amazing views in every direction.

I am of course, describing the present pile of rubble, not some new construction on the site.

Anonymous said...

Why would they take the blame - they dont do one f---ing gotza thing - they dont want to take the blame for peple losing their lives in these buildings by making sure they are safe - then why the hell do we need them?
They are just a bunch of yes men, with balls the size of a church mouse.