Sunday, January 10, 2010

Developer claims there's no crap in the creek!

From Courier-Life:

The city’s alternative plan was hatched only after it was announced that the [Gowanus] canal could be named a Superfund site. Developers like Toll Brothers cheered the city’s plan, saying it is the only way their massive residential development project planned along the canal could proceed.

While Newtown [Creek], which snakes through Greenpoint, Williamsburg and parts of Queens, is one of the most polluted waterways in the nation, it doesn’t have the problem of sewage overflows like the canal does, noted David Von Spreckelsen, senior vice president at Toll.

How dumb (or high on drugs) can you be to make such a stupid statement like that? That stink on 49th Street ain't Chanel Number 5, pal! There's also a GIGANTIC sewage treatment plant on the Brooklyn side that discharges CSOs when we have heavy rain. Why did the newspaper allow this statement to be printed as fact when it's far from it?


Anonymous said...

Make him and his family swim through it.

Anonymous said...

Why did the newspaper allow this statement to be printed as fact when it's far from it?


It makes no sense. Both the media and the pols are increasingly divorced from reality, and each month, losing more and more cred with the public.

Are they stupid, or just want to take the money and run leaving us with a shell when the whole damn thing falls apart?

Anonymous said...

We should offer a raffle for their newsmen and last prize is a rowboat ride through Newtown Creek. The Grand Prize is that you get to stay in your office and write more ludicrous statements.

Anonymous said...

c'mon guys, dont be so pessimistic.
cantcha just imagine summers along the shores of the canal? Just remember to apply for a poop-chunk fishing license!

Newtown Pentacle said...

Newtown creek by boat is actually a surprisingly pleasant journey. I'm not kidding, it actually is. Just don't fall in or get splashed once you get past the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge. I see kayakers all the time, and people actually fish in it. EPA stated that Creek fish have turned up in area restaurants (gowanus too) at a public meeting. I've got that on an audio recording, if my credibility might be in question. Why are there no signs saying "do not fish here" in multiple languages as there are at the parks in the Queens West Tower Town?
Here's around 400 photos, from east river all the way back to the no longer navigable point around Metropolitan Avenue. Judge the scene for yourself, do you see anything wrong with large populations being installed in this place in the next 20 years? The poop is actually called Black Mayonnaise by the way, as it's a poop- petroleum - coal tars- volatile organic chemicals- sort of thing. Just saying.
But Von Spreckelstein is rich, and I'm not, so the Creek must really be the nascent Venice Beach of Queens he says it is. What do I know?

shortlink to a slide show-

Anonymous said...

Unless you go west of the Hudson almost all the major papers are all run, owned or edited by personal friends of the "The King".
Big $$ buys big power.

In 2010 rags like Newsday, Daily News, NY Times are good for ferret cage lining that about it.
Hitler did the same thing by putting fallacious B.S to keep the people clueless and off their feet.
Why did the newspaper allow this statement to be printed as fact ?