Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cuomo investigating Espada

From CBS 2:

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is getting phone and e-mail records and other documents in his investigation of state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada.

Espada says he will fully cooperate with the subpoena seeking records held by him, his Bronx health clinic, and the Democrat-led Senate. Cuomo has been probing state grants provided to the Soundview Health Care Network, a Bronx clinic for the poor founded by Espada.

The Democratic senator says Thursday he suspects some political motivation behind the subpoena issued by Cuomo, a fellow Democrat widely viewed as planning a run for governor. The subpoena was issued an hour before Gov. David Paterson's State of the State address Wednesday, when he railed against corruption in Albany and called for reforms.

In August, CBS 2 learned that Espada was embroiled in a new pay controversy, allegedly doling out raises and jobs to friends and cronies with money he got after he re-defected to the Democrats in the Albany Senate coup he led last year.

The coup was the gift that kept on giving -- to Espada. After the renegade politician agreed to rejoin the Democrats -- giving them the majority -- he received $568,000 for increases to his staff.

Good government groups take issue with who Espada hired -- several cronies with ties to the Soundview Health Clinic he owns in the Bronx.


Anonymous said...

Please investigate his crummy workers at his office in the Bronx, Start with Jerry Love, Jr.

what a dope! how the heck do people like this get government jobs interfacing with constituents? Jerry Love Jr. is unprofessional and doesn't know what he is doing.

Any relation to Sandra Love, Espada's co-defendant?

there is so much crap in the Bronx and too many guns on the street.

Gary the Agnostic said...

It may be a political move, but so what?

Just because it's political doesn't mean that it's wrong. Think of a non-partisan thing that Espada has done in the last year.

Theodoric said...

he also just got pinched abusing a state police parking placard..parking on a fire hydrant

Anonymous said...

I saw the neon sign on his chest years ago saying "I am a big thief, liar, arrogrant low-life". Saw it on Clarence Thomas also. Have to admit I diddn't see it on Hevesi, etc. Guess us pale faces are better at hidding it or too lazy or cheap to by new lights for the neon sign.

Anonymous said...

"Clarence Thomas"???

The US Sup. Ct. Justice?

Anonymous said...

Espada's office help me save my apartment when i had no where to go with my children... I called them and they referred me to the correct agency...In just a few day i was able to get the money needed to pay my rent. I'm sure they've help countless of people with my situation and I'm happy especially during this section 8 crisis. They took the time out to at least listen to me vent...