Friday, January 15, 2010

Cuomo investigates Espada for dishonest graft

From the Daily News:

AG Andrew Cuomo's office has found "extensive evidence" of illegal and improper actions by embattled Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. and the companies he controls, DN Albany Bureau Chief Ken Lovett reports.

Portions of a potential legal case against Espada were outlined this morning in a bombshell filing Cuomo's office made in Manhattan Supreme Court that asked a judge to compel Espada to cooperate with a subpoena.

In the papers, Cuomo's office charged that Espada has not complied with a subpoena issued Aug. 25 to a management company he created and entirely controls, Soundview Management Enterprises.

According to the papers...Cuomo’s office has been investigating Soundview's parent company, Comprehensive Community Development Corp. for nine months.

Cuomo’s office says it has found “extensive evidence of potential violations” of the state not-for-profit corporation law by Soundview Healthcare and a number of its officers, including Espada, who is its president and CEO.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like probable cause.........why isn't he in cuffs?!

Anonymous said...

About time someone noticed the big sign he wears saying "I am an out and out crook". I guess you have to want to see it.

Anonymous said...

He's a politician, so nothing will happen to him. Politicians get a free pass to break the law in this city. So sad, but so true.

Anonymous said...

Please look into the so called "Housing Assistant" Jerry Love Jr. who works at the office in the Bronx. phone number 718-220-5480.

what the heck does he do but yell at constituents and push a few papers around? who does he help? other family members?

His mother is Sandra L. Love, Espada's co-defendant. That's how he got the job.

Amazing, freaking amazing. Jerry knows nothing about anything, has no education and has a state job.

Anonymous said...

What was your past/ current housing problem/issue? Maybe I can give you advice on how to fix it.
How did he not help you?