Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CUNY officials get big raises

From NY1:

Tuition is not the only hike being approved by the board of trustees at the City University of New York.

Several top officials for the city university system have been awarded substantial raises.

Chancellor Matthew Goldstein is said to have gotten a $40,000 pay increase, bringing his total salary to $580,000. This comes after an increase of $66,000 just over a year ago.

Seven other officials now have salaries over a quarter-million dollars.


Anonymous said...

do you think the former N.Y.C., D.O.T.Commissioner,now on the C.U.N.Y. payroll
has gotten a raise so soon?she is the wife of DEM.U.S.
Senator Chuck Schumer.

Anonymous said...

Again it's the rich stealing from the poor. You'd think it would be the other way around. Don't count on any breaks from the affluent, it doesn't really "trickle down"

Anonymous said...

And it's not only the salaries, but also the perqs: city-owned cars with a driver, official license plates, flashing red emergency lights on the dashboards.

Klink Cannoli said...

Anon wrote:
"Again it's the rich stealing from the poor."

You mean the rich city executives stealing from the poor city mega-coffers?

Anonymous said...

Ha. I see this item on the same day I received an appeal from the Baruch College fund looking for more donations. Be assured I let them know my displeasure at the timing of this request.