Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crap on the bluff

Now this makes for a lovely sight when you are strolling along Little Neck Bay in Bayside. Decided to delve further into why it looks like this. Address is 31-09 218th Street. Here's what it used to look like:

Something went wrong with the plans self-certified by a Main Street architect, and the site became abandoned, as noted in this Google Maps photo from circa 2008:

Last Summer, the DOB issued a stop work order - on this abandoned construction site - for a defective fence. It's amazing how effective they are in stopping work on already stalled sites. [Great job, Ira and Bobby!]
The City could condemn it in order to create an extension of Golden Park (after all, it is blighting the neighborhood), but then that would negatively affect a developer and positively affect the community, and under Mayor Bloomberg, we can't have that.


Anonymous said...

Check out the graffiti on the first photograph.

now that's crap.

Anonymous said...

This is the architect of the new building ....


Was there no demolition permit for the original building???

Anonymous said...

turning house land into park = less taxes brought in, and most cost to maintain the new piece of park.

That would simply NEVER happen in NYC.

Anonymous said...


Really??? He names the firm after a documentary on Louis Kahn???? Shameful.

Anonymous said...

If a pretentious homeowner wants to build a crap castle next to a noisy highway, let him enjoy it.

If we're fortunate, maybe the house will slide don the bluff. Keep up the good work, Ira!

Joe said...

If you only saw some of the Persian palace sh*t on Manhasset bay on the Great Neck side.

You take you boat out look west and think your on the bank of Haifa.
All sand colored crap with dozens of pipes on the roof they must have 15 bathrooms in those things.
Its depressing, the only normal thing left is WC Fields old mansion.

The town building inspector was jailed a couple hours, $5000 fine and got to retire in his millions in bag booty.
I'm sure this is going on in the city.
Inspectors don't give a dam since the bag booty far outweighs penalty for payola.