Tuesday, January 19, 2010

City pushing forward with Governors Island takeover

From the Villager:

The city and state now share control of the island and also share responsibility for funding it, an arrangement that often results in a tug of war during budget season and perpetual uncertainty over the island’s future.

The city wants to end that uncertainty by committing a larger chunk of money to the island over several years — but only if the city gains complete political control over the island as well. The Mayor’s Office is shopping the idea around to politicians and won support from Community Board 1’s Waterfront Committee last month. The Governors Island Alliance is also cautiously backing the proposal.

Josh Wallack, a senior policy advisor for the city on economic development, attended the Dec. 21 Waterfront Committee meeting but did not make a presentation. He promised that the city would put both operating and capital funds into the island and agreed with the board’s requests for transparency and accountability.

Remember: The City ALWAYS comes up with money for tourist park projects while it rejects park projects geared toward its taxpayers by crying poverty. Even when the economy is in the toilet.

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Anonymous said...

This is a big joke. 2 people will visit this place in 2010 - don't allow the mayor to build monuments to himself here. Funding for parks is highly neccessary for Queens.