Sunday, January 3, 2010

Burglaries way up in 104th Precinct

From the Times Ledger:

The 104th Precinct has a problem with burglars, but other major crimes were down for the year in Glendale, Maspeth, Middle Village and Ridgewood.

Some 441 homes and businesses had been broken into through Dec. 27 in the precinct, a 15.7 percent increase compared with the 381 break-ins reported for the same stretch of 2008.

At least two homes and one commercial establishment had been broken into on 53rd Road in the last three weeks, police said. Neighborhood leaders are also concerned that the same burglars may be striking businesses on 51st and 57th avenues in Maspeth, gaining entry by climbing onto the buildings’ roofs.


Joe said...

15.7 % ? did anybody at the 104 convalescent home manage to calculate stats percentage ?

Anonymous said...

Maspeth Mom says..

Does anyone know if these are taking place during the day?
The 104 Pct. needs to step up its game. Last week Maspeth Avenue business and residents were hit with a wave of "POLSKA" graffitti. The 104 cops wouldnt even get out of the car to take the report. They are disgraceful for NYPD. Scary thought that these are the people you call when you need help.

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
" ... Scary thought that these are the people you call when you need help."

- - -

Scarier still is the fact that it will be these lazy "convalescents" will be all who are left when the Commissar and the Messiah start the terror trials in Manhattan.

The capable cops will be taken away - likely for years - to protect the Commissar and his ilk during the trial.

Now does that make you feel safer?

Anonymous said...

These are only the reported stats. Could there be more burglaries?

Anonymous said...

How can stats be up when according to all the bitching that goes on here cops in those neighborhoods never take a report for anything?

Anon Maspeth Mom, if you're so concerned about the "graffitti" go there and make a report. Yes, you call them when you need help, not when property is already defaced.

Queens Crapper said...

Nope, there is a graffiti officer (a Lieutenant) at the 104th Precinct that you call and he sends the cops out to take photos of the graffiti and log it.

One time I called him and he sent the cops out and later told me they couldn't find it. I took photos of it and sent it to him and he traced it to the same guy who later was arrested outside McDonalds when my friend observed him doing the same tag.

Shows what you know.

Anonymous said...

Grafitti is actually taken very seriously by the nypd.They have bi-weely "grafittistat" meetings.Again you call 311 for after the fact,you call 911 for in-progress crime.Call the precinct,you just wasted your time and dime.

Joe said...

What local police representation in Ridgewood ?

I lived in Ridgewood 1971-1985 representation ?

Even back then its citizens had to catch and hold the scumb*gs.
---Only to get yelled at for doing so then wait 20 minutes + an additional hour to call in a capable who knew how to take over.

LibertyBoyNYC said...

Damn right there are more burglaries. Figure two crimes occur for every one reported on the official stats.

Anonymous said...

hey joe

way to base your ideas of how a place is on things that went on 25+ years ago...way to open up the mind.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately nothing much has changed at the 104. If you complain, they say they don't have the man power to cover all the areas that is under the 104th precinct, so they have to "prioritze" high crime areas, like the Ridgewood-Bushwick border. The rest of the community just has to wait, since we are not deemed high crime areas.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you all but I'm sick of them crying like a bunch of babies because they don't have the man power, which is absolutely contradictory to what I have heard at vairous meetings.